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  1. Farage complaining about the French closing the border.....bwahahaha.....but that's what you've campaigned for years for, Nige.
  2. Not condoning what happened (3 lives changed forever on that day), but the talk about just letting the insurance sort it out assumes that the guy who owned the bike had more than 3rd party only insurance? Maybe the thieves threatened him with a claw hammer whilst they ground his disk lock off? He must have seen them take the bike, otherwise he wouldn't have caught up with them in a car. So, there's probably more to this than has been reported and maybe that's what caused him to chase them down? Who knows, but whatever, it is a pretty tragic event in many ways.
  3. I think that booking the space shuttle would have been cheaper and less stressful.
  4. We need to get back to the UK to clear our house and have the shuttle booked for Thursday morning......looks like we can get to our house in the UK........but can we get back to France next Monday? Waiting to see what transpires over the next 24/48 hours.
  5. My only one is to try not to end up in A&E in the early hours of New Year's day again!
  6. A colleague in my last company got done for speeding and was already up to the limit on points, so he got HR to write a letter explaining that if he lost his licence they would have to dismiss him and that would cause him severe financial hardship. He got a fine and more points, but no ban.
  7. Thanks for coming back and letting everyone know the outcome. As Stu says, very worrying for a new and probably not cheap battery.
  8. I guess that irony here is that the bulk of fish caught in UK territorial waters are not popular in the UK, so they are exported to various EU countries. And it'll only take one incident with a French fisherman and they'll blockade the channel ports, which will add to the supply problems being predicted. It also seems that the lessons learned from the Icelandic cod wars has been forgotten. C'est la vie.
  9. I had a Trophy 900 a few years back and it was a very capable tourer.....but......they are top heavy, which isn't a problem once you're on the move, but can catch you out when manoeuvring at low speed. If I were you I'd look for something a bit lighter until you've gained some experience. Have a look at Honda VFRs as well as those mentioned above.
  10. Tango

    Welcome Sophie1206

    Welcome to TMBF....
  11. Give the new battery a charge mate and see how it goes. The CCA on the new battery should be a big improvement over the old one, so it should be good. Also double check that the leads are good and clean and really tight on the battery terminals.
  12. Welcome to TMBF mate....
  13. What battery did you get and what rating is recommended for your bike? Looks like the voltage is collapsing under load, so it either needs charging or is not rated high enough for your bike. I used to use Motobatt batteries as they have a good cold start current rating.
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