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  1. I got an armoured black/flouro jacket £99.00, Armoured Pants £55.00 helmet £89.00 boots £79.00 all from DC's
  2. Well done Alex good luck for your 2 as well, hope you walk that one too ...in a manner of speaking lol
  3. Yes well done on the theory and CBT , as everyone says get saving and get the DAS done , im never off the Zephyr, neither is my daughter lol
  4. Possibly but im not 100% sure, give them a ring and enquire!
  5. The only reason for youd be restricted would be if you did your test on a 125cc . but as everyones said go for your DAS then you can ride anysize bike
  6. Yes you do need both parts of your licence DC Motorcycles is on Alder street in Fartown Spacedeck and BMTC do DAS id highly recommend them for training, they make you feel at ease and some of the instructors have a wicked sense of humour lol plus i got a decent discount on kit for my daughter from DC's after id passed lol Heres a link to the site http://www.dcmotorcycles.co.uk/ although they do close Sundays and Wednesdays
  7. Spacedeck,I notice your from Huddersfield have you checked out Brighouse Motorcycle Training?, along with DC Motorcycles on Alder Street and also Earnshaws in Longroyd Bridge I did all my training with BMTC and found them very good, instructors are great too as are the bikes they use (Suzuki Gladius, GN125 and Honda CBF500), Id looked at a few secondhand bikes in Scootorcrazy/Motorbike crazy and thought they were a little over priced. Both Earnshaws and DC's also have a great choice of clothing.
  8. Brilliant, well done, welcome to the big grin club!!
  9. Thats brilliant well done it feels great doesnt it
  10. Im sat here laughing at this...bloody hilarious! im amazed you couldnt feel the difference in bums,"hmmm must get him gym membership his bums sagging a bit these days" lol this is going to be a talker every christmas for years to come lol
  11. Changing direction to the right and moving off needs a lifesaver also when turning left and if theres a cycle lane do a check to your left, but pulling away at lights and stuff you just need to check your mirrors Good luck for Friday
  12. Isnt it wierd that some companies charge and some dont, im with Just motorcycle insurance and they didnt charge for the change and to swop from the 125 insurance to the Zephyr only cost an xtra £19.00 not bad £116.50 a year fully comp!
  13. Hi and welcome Leekid, i gave up on a Bandit and decided to get one possibly next year and got myself a 93 Kawasaki XR550 Zephyr instead which im very happy with lol
  14. Bad luck Toon, you sure you didnt have the same examiner as me? as everyone says third time lucky
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