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  1. I woke up this morning and thanks to tiggie i had a moment of inspiration. I've bought a tube of 1m carbon fibre tube, some rivets, cables ties,and heat wrapping. Its gonna be a DIY Saturday, lets see how this goes. Genuine question though in the pic above, it looks like the exhaust has an inner tube... WHat is the purpose of this? Would the baffle have been fitted around this? I don't actually think the bike had its baffles in place beforehand. How does this effect drive? People tell me it affects the the torque, but is it significant?
  2. /\/\/\---This is the kind of solid advice i came here looking for
  3. @MrBrightside, Thats kinda what I'm thinking! The previous owner clearly did that. Taking a closer look, the piping he got was just some random pipe of a convenient diameter. Here are some pics uncovering the professional bodge job he did... Can anyone identify the material he has used for the tubing that is attached above? J
  4. Weld the exhaust back on! That means going back down the M25 and finding where it fell off, somewhere between leatherhead and cobham. That thing is long gone... I'll get a pic up tonight.
  5. Hi Everyone, bveen a good while since a poked my head in here... And on this occasion itsa minor SoS call. So im riding back from Brussels, on the last 30miles stretch when i here a rattle and then my engine seems to get CRAZY loud, like hurt my ears loud. So i stopped at the next pterol stop to take a look. Low and behold part of my exhaust had fallen off. So now i need to fix it im hoping someone here can help me save a few bob and economise becuase a full exhaust systems is like £4-500. Im Riding a Yamaha XVS650A . One of the the exhausts (the one the comes out the front cyl
  6. I had a GPZ500 so it may not be quite the same but... There was one fuse box which was next to the battery. All fuses are important! If you have a haynes manual that is your best bet to understand the electronic workings of your bike. If you got your google wizardry on i'm sure you might be able to find the wiring schematics. And yes change that fuse with one that fits. The main thing is having the ampage correct, if it kinda fits but is in place nice and tight i wouldn't worry too much. J
  7. Cheers guys... bouncing boobies are well appreciated.
  8. Fair enough on the engine limitations.. I was just abit shocked to here such an extreme statement... What good can come from not racing, unless crutchlow wants to be MotoGP's = of Formula 1's Nico Rosburg!
  9. Fingerscrossed im gonna be there... im 50% of the way there cash wise to get a new bike and kit... 3 more paychecks to get me 100%!
  10. This is the article im talking about: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/motogp/22063792 Im shocked, sounds like a massively poor attitude... He "may as well not race because they didn't collect data from the pre-season race"??? Why? Surely you should be ready to race and win (do your best) no matter what? Is there something im missing? or is this just a new age biker who swears by technogadgetry and not 'pure racing'?
  11. I'd buy a Busa and WEAR NO KIT!!! also go to a columbian brothel and not ever reappear.
  12. Spotted this bit of serious driving skill on my way in to work today.... [album]564[/album] ... Female driver
  13. My turn to chime in... regardless of whether she was naive/had privacy invaded... It happened she can learn but as someone said before they should let it die... and not go litigation mad. let the world forget stop being so sensitive.. if she must release a statement "asking people to disregard the pictures and please respect her wish to not have her breasts plastered eveywhere.." the ropyal families current approach is just creating a news frenzy... having said all that.. unimpressed by her hooters... hardly a handful
  14. with a little bit of techno wizardry i've found this to be scam... it pays to be a nerd sometimes
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