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  1. good luck i've got my cbt mod 1 and mod 2 all in the 3rd week of august and i'm already nervous as hell lol
  2. I'm not the biggest guy in the world 36'' chest on a suit but that doesnt mean 36'' bike jacket. tried on a couple of jackets today 40'' was the best fit it was spot on. 38, the zip had no chance lol in terms of sizes what is a 40'' S,M,L? all pretty confusing seeing as blokes as usually pick up a top off the rack look at it for 2 seconds and know if it will fit or not lol
  3. Productive weekend! Theory passed and managed to get some good condition textiles off ebay got my eye on a few pairs of boots and a couple of jackets will post pics when i know they are mince
  4. Not sure if there a shortage of decent places in London but i did my assessment a week ago in Kent and there was a girl doing hers who had drove from London that morning
  5. Well said! I don't care what anyone says, a drug problem is a lifestyle choice long before you become dependent on it
  6. As far as the DSA are concerned, they do, as they are "trousers"... Thanks
  7. Is that allowed? rules for tests must be different in Norfolk
  8. More than likely wont have a bike straight away due to work commitments so will have time and money to get the right kit for when i am on the road. Unfortunately everyone who i know with bikes all wear kit that would be too big. Cheers for the replies everyone, I'm sure i will be able to get some gear off ebay.
  9. I have read the official what to wear for the test but i don't think i can afford to go spending £100 plus on new kit after forking out for the tests. Will i be ok wearing Jeans and my work boots? anyone else been in similar situation? What did you wear? What else will they allow me to wear on top? Thanks
  10. Ipassed!! 50/50 on multiple choice and 68/75 on hazard perception! big smile on my face today, step 1 out the way now to prepare for my cbt 20th august, 500 training on 21st, MOD 1 22nd then MOD 2 on 26th
  11. I have my theory test in the morning, i have done plenty of revision all week and am getting 48-50s on every test i do so feeling confident. I have done plenty of hazard perception practice too and am passing every time but i'm still not feeling good about it. I have watched the dvd and done loads of online practice but i'm not fully happy with when i should click as the instructions confuse me. Is it only the main hazard that i click on? ie click just before it happens then more as it develops? OR.... do i click for every potential hazard? vehicles approaching?, Junctions?, pedestr
  12. Interesting to hear how many people say mod 1 is harder than mod 2. Suppose it depends on personal preference, i have heard different things from different people. Just today i was speaking to a bloke at work and he said the mod 1 is relatively easy as it's manoeuvers in and out of cones off the road. Mod 2 is basically a ride out somewhere and then back to the test center and is pretty easy. I'm nervous to both so will just take it as it comes lol
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