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  1. Stick to quoting facts, it confuses them and fills their vaginas with sand.
  2. Manda has been the best thing to come out of the SW’s universe. If Disney made anything else remotely watchable I could be convinced to extend my free trial - but at the moment I’m killing it in May.
  3. Laughable isn’t it. Spout a bunch of lies. Fail to deliver. Blame everyone but themselves: “It’s not my fault the magic beans didn’t work, you just didn’t believe enough when you planted them.” And still none of them have ponied up a single benefit we’ve gained to date. Farmers and the union are now full of regret, fishermen have now worked out they were mislead. But some are still so invested in their fiction they can’t give it up - it’s not politics, it’s a quasi religion. They’re the Taliban of common sense.
  4. I received a collection of clothes in the wrong sizes, tickets for an event I can’t attend, and a dog toy in the eye so I’m now half blind and in pain. It’s been the best Xmas of 2020.
  5. The best summation of Brexit I’ve ever read.
  6. Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the complimentary anticipation. Secondly, I’d like to thank you for providing me with a legal defence.
  7. Yeh, but Corbyn was a prize winning cabbage. It was a toss up between a douche and a turd sandwich.
  8. The industrial scale ineptitude and corruption kicked off under Major. At least then they were forced to resign after a scandal - now they just bluster and continue giving multimillion £ contracts to their postmen. I’m not shocked at it, just stunned that no one appears to give a shit and vote for them all over again no matter the lie or misdemeanour.
  9. It’s the life of a sea-faring people smuggler cum pirate.
  10. I have a 2 man canoe if anyone would like me to people smuggle them to Europe. My daily rates are very reasonable and I accept payment in Bitcoin, cash, or hard drugs. *sea crossings can include risk of nausea, robbery and rape
  11. We’re going into tier 3 because of this bunch of k****. Still, at least a bunch of Tories have made a few million from everyone else’s misery. Again. Turd chomping feckwands.
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