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  1. Sadly I can confirm there hasn't been any edits
  2. Shouldn't @Stu be nominated since he actually made Bender & myself mod's?
  3. An interesting fact about horses that not many realise. A pregnant horse can actually run much faster than usual.................As they have double the horsepower
  4. Youtube is an amazing resource for repairing practically anything. Odds are you can search for " how to fix a broken flim jam on a yonste 400" and someone will of already made a video
  5. hopefully nothing!! I cant cope with anymore of my childhood heroes being outed as utter pricks!!
  6. I paid a local mechanic £50 to fit a starter motor (that I supplied) to my old car. I could of probably got it done myself but after looking I realised it could only be done from underneath the car after removing wheels,hubs,drive shaft etc to reach it. Was just barely any access at all so I was happier paying someone to do it for me
  7. I'm all for people having a go but understand that some don't want to and plenty who just plain shouldn't I have an aversion to paying out money to people for things I feel I can do myself but have done so when required.
  8. How i look at it is that if i'm paying someone to do a job then it had better be a better standard than what I would do myself!
  9. There is but only if you use super unleaded rather than bog standard stuff
  10. This is just like the old days on here, anyone fancy starting a counter steering thread?
  11. very sure! I agree it sounds like that but the noise is genuinely coming from the radio when its plugged in
  12. Goes to the other fryer at my work who has wrecked the prep room radio by accidently soaking it with a hosepipe that got out of control 4 hours of fish cutting in silence will not be enjoyable tomorrow!!! put the sound up and have a listen to what the waters done to it. Sounds to be in pain 😂
  13. Speed is how fast you hit the wall. Torque is how far you take the wall with you
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