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  1. I've struggled whether or not to make this post as it is my daughter after all but for this I feel she is well and truly deserving of a nomination She found a mouse in her living room last week, it's been found and dealt with now. The issue is that she has rung me up and is now worried that it may of laid eggs and she could have more appearing soon. Laid eggs. A mouse. I swear I didn't drop her on her head that often as a child, honest
  2. The other belter is that all the other planets in the solar system are spherical and its only Earth thats flat!
  3. My favourite Flat earth theory is the one called "the pacman effect" which is used to explain why we don't simply fall off the edge. We are magically teleported to the other side without even realising
  4. Easiest way would be to lie the bike on its side. Just take it slowly and be extra careful to make sure you are chiselling it in the right direction.
  5. @Bender vailant ecotec 24. I've not much experience with how boilers work, just know enough to get them (usually!) going again when need be. @WD40 doesn't feel that way at moment
  6. @WD40 When I removed my old bath I found that water had been leaking down the sides for quite a long time by the look of it . Floor boards were all soft and spongy. Sorted that out, thankfully it hadn't got down to the joist work. My house is a converted bungalow so next to the bathroom is my kitchen. After I had chopped out wall to fit cable for new fangled electric mirror thing I was cleaning up rubble when I noticed a damp spot on floor by wall. I traced it into the kitchen behind the washing machine. What has happened is the boiler overflow
  7. I thought that, looks like it's been ground off
  8. Yep, I am bloody exhausted with the house! Long story short I have had to replace a ton of flooring in the kitchen as well as the bathroom I'm getting on top of it now though so will resume my posting duties shortly (hopefully!)
  9. @Bender It is scarily easy to go the wrong way round when spannering from underneath I always set my ratchet to loosen before getting in to position just to make sure!! You might be able to get a large sized nut extractor like these on it I think Bender might be correct though in saying the sump may need to come off.
  10. Also I discovered that those multi tool saw things do a half decent job of cutting through floorboards. Nice and easy to control as well
  11. Not had a good day, Had to remove and replace a big chunk of the flooring as it was water damaged, which including the trip to Wickes took up the morning Then had to spend two hours tech supporting my Wife over the phone as she was trying to set up her Grandpas new laptop. I would normally have done it but I was busy doing the bathroom I've got the new pipework all sorted for tomorrow, so hopefully can get bath done in morning so I can start tiling.
  12. Couldn't find the mouse or any likely places it came in from. I'm guessing it ran in a couple of days ago when she was having central heating fitted. She says she wants to move back in to our house until its found. I've told her to go forth
  13. I better go to bed early. Apart from doing the bathroom I've now got to replace a few floorboards too and to top it off my eldest has just messaged me absolutely terrified because she found a mouse under the sofa Guess who has to go there first thing in the morning to hunt for it? I might take my cat with me
  14. Heres a helpful tip. Saucepans make great valve/pipe protectors when tiles are raining down
  15. Definitely feels it at moment! It's weird as a week or so ago it was -1 and now it's 10°!!
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