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  1. I think Fozzie is being a little unfair to the XJ6. I test rode an ER6 alongside the XJ6 and instantly preferred the buttery smoothness of the 4 cylinder Yamaha engine over the jerky noise of the Kawasaki twin. There wasn't much to choose between the bikes on paper and I thought the Yamaha was better built, better for slow speed riding and looked nicer than the ER6 (subjective thing so everyone to their own). Having ridden mine from brand new for 6 months now (and ridden around 4000 miles on it) I think it was a superb choice as a first "big" bike. Looking back I do think the XJ6 needs to
  2. I bought a brand new Triumph Street Triple R in June 2012 coming from a Yamaha XJ6 Diversion which I bought new in February (just after I passed my bike test). Given both bikes are middlewights, they could not be any more different! I love the XJ6 as a practical load lugger and it was an ideal first "big bike", however, for sheer fun factor the STR knocks it into a cocked hat. I now use the XJ6 if I'm going shopping or running a local errand (as I have GIVI luggage fitted), if I just want to go for a blat then the STR wins everytime. I arranged a test ride on a second hand Speed Triple a
  3. St Albans probably a bit too far, I am aware of a couple of local places but don't know anyone who's used them and want to make sure I get the right place so I get off on the right foot so to speak. I have a couple of pals with bikes but they learned 20 years ago! Cheers, GL
  4. Anyone? Someone must have experience of learning to ride near High Wycombe???? Any experiences good or bad welcomed... GL
  5. Hi all, I am about to embark on my Direct Access Training having never ridden a bike. I aim to take a serious approach to learning to ride and my prime goal is to get excellent advice rather than just to pass the test. I enjoy the learning environment and (lucky for me) money isn't really a concern - it's quality training I'm after. With all that said can anyone recomend a good training organisation to take me from novice to full licence within 10 miles of High Wycombe? Key for me are attitude of instructors and availability of bigger bikes from day 1..... I'd rather take a recomen
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