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  1. I had the same on my old ER-5. The regulator/Rectifier was faulty and fried my battery as well. Changed both and no more charging problems.
  2. I don't know if it would need restricting for an A2 license, It only has 46bhp and I have a full license so never needed to find out. As for riding when learning i think it would be fine, it has good brakes and handles well in my opinion.
  3. I have an MT-03, only had it for about 3 months. What is the o2 mod you are talking about? can you give me a link?
  4. I bought this one a few weeks ago and it works fine, Comes with bobbin adapters, only 29.99 + fiver postage. http://www.mandp.co.uk/productinfo/592674/Workshop/Universal-Paddock-Stands/Tech-7
  5. I fitted the wires for these gloves to my bike yesterday and rode to work this morning at 05.45?!?. They definitely keep the cold off, I didn't really appreciate them until I accidentally unplugged them and my hands felt the cold straight away! They are no way near as hot as heated grips but the grips only heat my palms whereas the gloves keep the finger tips and the length of the finger warm. Without these gloves both my thumb end and the end of my middle finger would get freezing in the wind but with them they were as normal. In my opinion worth the money if you ride in the cold.
  6. I used to have a CG125 and I'm sure when I was looking to get some heated grips I came to the conclusion that the battery is not powerful enough for them. The heated grips I was looking at were 6amps and I think the CG battery can only provide 2.5amps!! Check in the bike manual if you have it to see what the battery is rated at.
  7. Thanks. Hope your having a better night shift today??
  8. I use both in winter, Heated grips heat up the inside of the muffs, Still no good at 1 degree and 60 mph!!! As for the grips draining the battery, I fitted a car relay under the seat which is connected to the horn circuit, when the ignition is off the heated grips wont work, I decided to do this after turning up to work for a 12 hour shift and forgetting to turn my grips off, Battery was completely flat when I wanted to go home?!?
  9. Thanks for the replies, I'm still considering it, but will try projectors if I do it. I bought some osram nightbreakers and when I went to fit them noticed that the reflector was really dull? cleaned it up as best i could through the little hole and i think the combination of clean reflector and new lamp have made a huge difference. Nice write up on your web site alexander. Thanks.
  10. Just bought the nightbreakers and will see if they are better than my old £2 bulbs. Hope so!!!
  11. Thanks for the replies, maybe i'll just replace the reflector inside and try an Osram Thanks.
  12. I use my bike to get to work most months of the year, this means I ride quite a bit in the dark.(6am and 10pm) My headlight is not very bright. couple of questions: Has anyone done a HID conversion on thier bike?? They claim to be 3 times brighter? are they? I found a H4 to HID conversion kit on e-bay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Xenon-HID-Motorcycle-Headlight-Conversation-Full-HI-LO-H4-Bulb-Kit-6000k-/330709113918?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4cffcc9c3e Do the ballast packs get very hot? are they likely to melt the reflector if housed inside the 7" headlight?
  13. [album]761[/album] Someone sent this picture to me!!!! Huge fire?!?
  14. MrBlonde71


    Tried the bike at lunchtime and still no joy. Jump started the bike using the car, started first touch of the button, and rode to work, picking up a new battery on the way. Fitted the battery at work and it started straight away, 25 mile ride home later this evening should top it up and we will see if it starts tomorrow. (fingers crossed)
  15. MrBlonde71


    The battery measures 13.5v with the ignition off but when I try and start it drops to between 8 and 9 volts and the starter relay just clicks, now the supply to charge it is correct do you think I will charge properly. The thing is if I get it started tomorrow and ride to work I will be 25 miles from home and it's a long way to push home!
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