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  1. What do you think my chances are of catching a ferry beyond my intended stay? I'm due to go back on the 9th but would like to watch the senior race on the Friday, what do you think?
  2. I'm guessing that it's will start around 11am on the 6th, so it's likley the roads will be closed. Is there a break Inbetween the two races so I can get on there? Thanks for the map but that's for Glenlough Farm Campsite, is that close to union mills?
  3. Yeah I getting that a lot, deffo an early morning trip then crash out when at the ferry terminal. How far is union mills from the ferry terminal in IOM? Can I get to it if the racing has already started? I'm due in at 1:45pm on the 6th- can't seem to find race schedule anywhere.
  4. Thanks- I think I'm going to take the advice a leave early. Anything else you think I need to take as a must?
  5. Nice one pal, looks as though there is more then enough on to keep people entertained. Will you get that in your program?
  6. What's on in terms of evening entertainment?
  7. Thanks pal it's appreciated, oh and thanks mods.
  8. Camping at Union Mills, not really that bothered about where I'm staying for my first time just want to get over there.
  9. It's my first time going to the TT and on my own. Tired of waiting for friends to come with us and not living up to their word. It's all I've been thinking of since I booked last June.
  10. Fair point, it makes me sound a bit lazy when you put it like that. And more to the point it's not really worth entertaining the thought of my bike being stolen.
  11. I am traveling to the IOM TT on the 6th June from Heysham. I am looking for overnight stay on the 5th as my ferry is early the next morning and Heysham is around two and a half hours away from my home and don't want to run the risk of being late. Can anyone suggest a B&B or hotel with secure or off road parking in the area?
  12. I can't see myself going to the rally tbh. It comes to soon after my holiday and I need a new lid too.
  13. Never been, would like a trip down there sometime soon. Anyone been before? What's the ride like? Anyone care to join in?
  14. some android phones do stupid stuff with the exif data and the forum wont allow it to upload! if your on a Iphone then thats a whole different story I think apple have stopped it for the devices typical apple!! if your using android you could create a photobucket account get the photobucket app upload them there copy the link then past it in to your browser! long way round I know but there is nothing I can do about it iPhone= no chance
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