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  1. good excuse for a new exhaust if ever I heard one!
  2. I got mpow wireless headphone they are cheap, great but won't fit in my lid [emoji53]
  3. * Oulton park Be kind this is my second trackday so I make a good few mistakes anyone who is thinking of booking into Oulton as a novice this may help you out a bit ">
  4. 7+ years of development while the R1 is brand new and the bm is a revision for 2015, although a fit Michael Dunlop would have a big say in the result The ZX10 is very competitive because again it's a few years old and forget anything Italian for 6 laps of the island Great show from mcguiness though
  5. I've had a roof desmo which is similar to the boxer , it was a terrible lid really heavy really noisy , I wouldn't recommend them oh and it broke too
  6. A mate bought a alpine stars jacket that was too small , they were only to happy to replace with the next size up but it did cost him £30 to send it back , even with the extra £30 he saved £100 on what he would pay over here
  7. I had a similar issue on my street , I took the switchgear apart and found the copper tab that makes contact when pressing the pass button was corroded , a quick clean with wet n dry and problem solved [emoji2]
  8. aren't they just plain old 501 bulbs?
  9. My street triple r handbook states 36f/42r I would imagine the D675 would run on the same pressures being or or less the same chassis ? I run mine on 34f/38r
  10. I ride to trackdays so always take spare leavers
  11. never had any of my gear inspected at oulton last month , as mr fro says they are more bothered about your exhaust db test I will be booking on at oulton again soon it's a great track you will love it
  12. With very little pervious riding experience , CBT through to mod 2 took me two months could of been a bit quicker but as said before it's a lot about test availability
  13. Is that the shoei GT-air? I'm planning to get one soon.. How do you find it? yes it is mate , it's by far the best helmet I've owned very quiet / great fit and the vents seem to actually work!
  14. The internal sun visor in my agv is garbage and makes matters worse when riding in the sun, on the other hand the internal visor in my new shoei is excellent and wouldn't be without it
  15. I hated apple before they were seen as cool by the dead uncool, hipster-sheep uni student crowd and the name dropping, waitrose shopping, wannabe middle class types. Sometime around 1998..... well done
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