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Good Comms? bike to bike or rider to passenger

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hey guys,

i'm after some really good comms for rider and passenger or even bike to bike, duno how they work and i know i'm not gona be able to get something like on Long Way Round, but anyone know of any good makes and can point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated!



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Willow and I use scarla rider Q2 for bike to bike, see the thread you found :) they are good kit as long as you don't need more than a couple of hundred meters range.


thanks very much, i checked it out its just a bit out of my price range :oops:

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Me and a friend bought some £30 jobbis from ebay - basicly little walkie talkies with a button for your handlebar and mic / speaker for the helmet. They were OK for a bit, but in the end we stopped using them and relied on gestures instead. Too much faf to plug in, check frequency change batteries etc etc.

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The slightly cheaper option than the Scala Q2 is the Scala Multiset Pro although this only works within a 10m range so is mostly for rider to passenger comms and sat nav. My other half an I found that clarity was good up to about 80mph then it went off. We obviously tested this off road :)

IMO well worth the extra money spent. Maybe look at saving up a little more.

I do believe there are wired options available but having to plug yourself in and out sounded like too much of a pain!

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Sara, if you want rider to pillion then there are a number of cheap options all of which are OK.

If you want bike to bike then I'm afraid you are into the £200+ market if you want something reliable that works without being a massive distraction. If you go cheap on bike to bike then you will end up buying again and again as cheap radio kit just isnt worth it, it will hiss, break up and generally not work which will lead to frustration and distraction (as seen in the post further up).

That said, rider to pillion the cheap stuff is usually OK.

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