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Right, I had one of these and ran it for a year. Some of my most fond memories are on this bike so my memory is pretty good in telling you the good bits and the bad bits.

It was a 2004 Aprilia RS50, with 10,000 on the clock already (impressive for what was at the time a 2 year old machine) and it was fully serviced but a little bit tatty. Cost me £1400 and I sold it for the same.

They are now electronically restricted but the old model is restricted at the exhaust. If you are 17 and you take this out the bike is capable of a healthy 55-60mph and will accelerate well between 3000rpm and 8000rpm. That is the top of its rev range when its derestricted in that manner, taking it higher is pointless and wears the engine.

But how was it? It started up every day, sometimes with a struggle on the choke before it spluttered into life. Cold starts were very tricky but it would always go. I allowed it to warm up and off I popped, it would kick out a lot of blue smoke for the first few miles until it was properly warmed up. It had plently of go compared with the other 50's available and obviously I felt it was more confidence inspiring to be on a full sized motorbike compared with the weedier scooters.

It developed a few problems throughout the year I owned it. Firstly it felt like it had seized but it was the crank case seals going that caused a sudden jolt and lock up of the back wheel. This is expensive to fix only because it is labour intensive, the engine takes a few hours to take apart and a few to put back together so take that option as a mechanic charged me £400 for it mostly in labour. It then was dieing for a top end rebuild so that is what it got, a good new top end and a different cylinder head. The good thing with these bikes as you can pick and mix parts to get a different affect on power etc.

Overall it was fantastic, when it was later tuned up it was able to chase down and beat the CBR125 in a race. It also went on a back road journey, which went on for 16 hours from Warrington to Swansea and back. It wasn't very comfortable but it managed it and went on to be used the next day.

Little niggles to look out for!

1. If it struggles to find neutral or select gears you need knew gear box oil and adjust the clutch so it isnt dragging as this effects it very badly

2. Use the best 2-stroke oil available. Any forum will tell you and its by Putoline.

3. Even though its liquid cooled on a hot day in town you will conk out every once in a while. Open the fuel tank and check there and just let it cool down if it splutters and stops.

Otherwise a perfect first bike for the modern young blooded biker. In terms of riding and mechanics :)

I ran it every day, even in winter and with the right maintanence and keeping it clean and tidy you will find they don't give up easily. They want to be loved.

I had the same scheme as the one below


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