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Michelin Road Pilot 2CT

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Whoo! First post in the subforum! 8-)

Michelin Road Pilot 2CT, fitted to my SV, bought on 'tinternet, fitted by my local Suzuki place.

They replaced the stock tyres I had on before, and WHAT a difference!

When they're brand new, the profile is perhaps a little too cambered, but they don't take long to scrub in.

They are as grippy as buggery and seem to wear well so far. I have never slipped on them once, even in rain, and i feel much more confident into corners. The old tyres had an interesting habit of drifting sideways when cornering at speed.

You can get them as a pair for a couple of hundred quid (for 160, 120) if you shop around.

I would definitely buy them again.

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my pirelli thats on the back is starting to wear now and it keeps sliding in the wet, im losing confidence in the handling just lately.. i mean the front feels ok and thats got a michelin on it but i dont no what it feels like when the front tyre is crap, dont want to find out either! but i bet this pirelli has been on for just over 2000 miles and its worn a lot! and it wont do many miles till its ready to be changed!

plus i know the sv's has thin tyres but the pirellis tread pattern makes it look even skinnier! :(

ill keep looking out for new cheap tyres :)

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Just gone from Bridgestone 016 to Pilot 2 and its night and day !

The bridgestones were starting to erode my confidence day by day and it was usual on my 14 mile commute to slip out on the front or back wheel at least twice a day.

Finally bit the bullet and spent £260 on some Michelin pilot 2 and Have ridden them a couple of days and my only description for these tyres is "WHoooo hoooo " Amazing grip,smooth,no slips even on really rough road !

Love these tyres and with a few miles my confidence is coming back in spades

Best tyres I have had since the Michelin sportys on my YBR which got me through my test :)

So I highly recommend the Michelin pilot 2 and they are Formidable :cheers:

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