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JF Pelle Jacket and trousers

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Bought from eBay from the seller hhhnk123 November 2010 for £60 the jacket and £50 for the trousers £4 delivery (BUT - they made a mistake with the prices, it should have been £150 for both, I just got lucky and they honoured the sale.)

JF Pelle are an Italian company who also make weightlifting products. They do leather as well as Cordura kit.

A matching textile jacket and trousers with full armour for back, shoulders, elboes and knees and nicely padded at the hips and back. There are vents in the back, a thermal lining and a sensible amount of pockets.


So far so good with build quality, they still look new even though they have been through a terrible winter and have been washed a few times. I have had a low speed tumble in them and you would not know it.

Edit - I have had a second tumble and hit my elbow hard, but no mark on the jacket and no injury at all. I ended up sprawled on the ground and again no marks on jacket and trousers.

Keeps your body dry, just make sure you have completely secured the velcro over the zip.

Warm with the thermal linings, cool without and the vents open.

Plain but stylish design.

The price, I could not find an equivalent for less.


The zip to attach trousers to the jacket is a pain and means it does not sit well. I don't use it.


The trousers can get sweaty and the lining sticks to your legs.

The pockets are not waterproof. I carry stuff in small polly bags inside the pockets now.

I would recommend this textile jacket and trousers because of the price and performance

http://www.jf-pelle.it/zen-cart/images/3101-black-jf-pelle.jpg http://www.jf-pelle.it/zen-cart/images/3131-black-jf-pelle.jpg

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Thats them now in the bin, January 2013 after very regular use. The trousers split at the seem at the hip, both sides. I was able to sew the split back up, but it was never going to last. The jacket, despite Nikwaxing was wetting out even in a drizzel and the zip to attach jacket to trousers had bust.

I would still recommend then as great starter gear.

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