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Triumph Speed Four (600cc)

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I love this bike. I downsized from a Triumph Trophy 900 as I felt it was a bit big and heavy for the type of riding I am doing these days. So I was looking for a smaller Triumph (just wanted to fly the flag for one of our remaining manufacturers) and I came across the Speed Four. Looks are similar to the old Speed Triple with the twin bug-eyed headlamps....The riding position is more sports bike with the clip-on type bars and fairly high rearward mounted pegs.

I paid £2250 in May 2011 for an 03 plate bike....one owner from new.....7700 genuine dry miles.

The engine needs to be revved to get real go out of it.....redline at 13500rpm. But having said that it will pull from just over 2000rpm in top gear without any problems.

98bhp in a 175Kg bike means that if you want to push it it will get a move on. Maybe not as fast as newer 600's....but plenty quick enough for me.

Handling is superb...with fully adjustable suspension all round.

Brakes are excellent....although I've not had to push them too hard so far.....and hope I never have to either....

For me and the type of riding I do these days I cannot fault this bike at all.....I would certainly replace it if anything ever happened to it...... 8-)

It also stands out in a crowd as well....not too many of them around.....and certainly not many Orange ones.... 8-)


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I concur!

My OH has a black '06 Speed Four and its a great bike, really nice looking IMO and I find the riding position ideal as someone who likes the sports bike position but struggles with it due to back problems.

Have also been on it as a pillion (with grab rail fitted) many times and find it quite comfortable for a couple of hours at a time, bike seems quite happy 2 up as well :)

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I love mine.

Got renthal bars on mine which imo make the bike even better.Its light for a 600 and handles like a dream.

Looks much nicer in the flesh than in photo's

Bit snatchy at low speeds but you get used to it.

It pulls well low down and goes as fast as I need a bike to go.Its not as harsh as some bikes I've rode which don't pull as well from 4k but then go stupid at 9k but its still got a good kick.

They seem to be overlooked but for 2k give or take a few hundred they are good value for money and are of excellent build quality.

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