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Brutale 1078rr

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General outline:- Still available to buy at appox 11500 pounds haggle I paid 10,300 new. superseeded by new model which has less power and better manners.

Naked version of F4 slightly detuned bhp, and more torque. (Top gear 60-120 mph is 1.5 seconds faster than a R1)

4 cylinder

155 bhp

86ft/lb torque

Slipper clutch


Its basically astounding.

Handling superb

The looks again are Marmite! :love:

It's an MV Agusta :twisted:

Finish is excellent


Fuel economy is 31 mpg at the best

The ride is hard.

The bike is named Brutale for a reason. Acceleration and power are raw

If you are 6ft tall or above you must test ride it. The leg positions are tight. (adjustable Rearsets are standard on alot of models, check that they are)

For me the bike never fails to make me smile. I am going to invest in suspension tuning, I may lose a little of track ability by doing this but as I use it on the road it will hopefully be a little more civilized.

I would never recommend this bike to somebody who has not got experience. But to someone who wants a change from a big sports bike, but still wants to run with them try one of these.



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