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Well, I was doing that some years ago, and then something happened..?

It seems that people are down here, just boring ;)

Is there a members map, where we can see who is where?

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I am always on rideouts with my local club. We went to Bury Hill near Arundel last Sunday !!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Nice. Lovely area.

Post stuff up next time ;)

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yes there is kev


but its useless if people dont let me know where they are as I cant add them :?


I'm in Winchester, and it seems, am also in need of a Java update, as I can't see anything!

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I'm not on there! Disgusting!


You talking about the members map?

Have you sent me a pm with your location to be added? If not then that's why your not on there ;-)

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