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Hein Gericke Pro Shell Gortex (laminate)

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Shop Name: Hein Gericke PSX-RS GORE-TEX® ProShell Lockout™

Back in November i bought myself this kit as i figured im gonna be doing it in all weather so a set of good water proofs with the armor is the way to go. Figured i'd add the cost of armor into the gear.

Armor.. knees, hips elbows shoulder and back (covers all even shoulderblades...)

because it the aromer is so extensive around the shoulder/back you do suffer some manouverability but i get by... not an issue when riding just when moving around with it all on. The protection is excellent - firsthand experiance says it.

the stitching... excellent no sign of wear and tear...(but then its only been 6months so i would hope not comes with 2years warranty on stitching.)

except around the trousers zip... though ill admit fault there from wearing work trouser underneath which make it tight around the waist... HG repaired it no qualms.

Gortex - cause its laminate you try out super quick... i have done a full 30min journey in the absolute pissing down style rainthe only part of me that got wet was my crotch. understanably alot of water pools there and cause its an area of lots of movment the gortex is not laminated its woven into the material so it doesn't come off with the rubbing. therefore my boxers got damp, but thats it otherwise dry to the bone.

wind resistance... it blocks almost all the wind. only the windiest of days when im riding around 60+ do i really start to feel it. ALso if wearing a fleece underneath which is liekly to be the case you are really gonna sit nice and cosy. botht the jacket and trousers have removable thermal linings.

Leather points -this has been swapped on the new version for tough textile patches, i think this is rubbish, as the leather was the attraction to me thought it looked good as well... shoulders, elbows hips and knees.

Pockets. two outer pockets with rubber ziplock style zippers great but you have to apply this special lube to them to stop it drying out and snaggging.. only needs to be done every couple of months and comes with the kit. otherwise great idea. normal zipper with a waterproofing on trousers, wont hold more then a key, i dont use it. one inner breast pocket. one mre pocket outside the thermal zipper but inside the outerzipper of the jacket. all pockets are nice and deep so if you forget to zip shit up it won't fall out...

i know ive forgotten my outer right hand pocket (my key pocket many times) and never lost anything.

also some reflective stuff around the ankles shoulders and a reflective HG on the back... more fashion i reckon than function but still there and it helps.

Colour is black and navy blue. All in all a great looking piece of kit and worth the price... it is expensive. but i managed to blag £200 off and a free £60 helmet!

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How expensive, cos I just got some textile trousers with removable linet for 62 quid and my 80 quid textile jacket is 6years old and may just need a new zip, I would hope that 2year warranty wouldn't be required.

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yep pricey but think lof it this way using the jacket as an example


-£100 for back protector as that's what a good one will cost to by separate.

-£50 for a waterproof jacket

so you're down to £250 for the jacket... itself... and generally im pretty confident in saying that the manufacturing quality is excellent. and i haven't seen too many bits of kit that combine textile with leather on the contact points. In my mind worth it.

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