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cheap vacuum gauges

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i cant put the make or model because its not stated on the instructions or the box


as soon as i started the bike when attached, the needles were bouncing everywhere i raised revs to about 1800rpm still bouncing like mad from 12 to 6 o'clock on the gauges totally unreadable till revs were raised to about 5000 rpm , 3 gauges were idifferent reading ranging from around 9 - 12 o clock and the other showing round 4 o clock (basically the opposite side of the gauges than the other 3) :(

So i tried to calibrate them with the engine off using the calibration screw to discover the spring that controlled the reading behind that gauge had totally unraveled and was a total mess, i managed to reinstaal the spring correctly re calibrated them

As soon as a re attached them to the bike and started it the same thing happened , the same gauge attached to a different carb went to a opposite reading than all the other 3 , switched off took gauges apart again and the spring was un ravelled :twisted:


it turns out i had one faulty dampening valve on one of the gauges ( it wouldnt shut off or even half shut off)

i got myself a replacement one from a local aquarium as they use the same valves on the air pump systems on fish tanks!,

one thing i will say about my experience with these gauges is to have all your dampening valves shut of before you start the bike and gently open them to achieve a stable-ish reading as the start up of my bike caused one gauge to spin right around and mess the spring up on the gauge

good points


easy to use

and do the job well enough

bad points

crap instructions

rubbish plastic dampening valve

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Could have just been an airleak somewhere (anywhere between gauges, hose and nipple).

Best carb balancers I've ever used (and cheapest!) are one's I've made myself. It's easy, all you need is a bit of clear tubing, two milk bottles, a couple or rubber bungs and a glue gun.

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yes you guys were right the gauge that was being a pain in the ass had a faulty damper valve fitted to it,it wouldn't shut off, I had to get a new one from a local aquarium :) , they use similar things on the air pump systems in fish tanks

I will edit the review later on

thanks for the tips

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