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2012 Triumph Street Triple R

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I bought a brand new Triumph Street Triple R in June 2012 coming from a Yamaha XJ6 Diversion which I bought new in February (just after I passed my bike test). Given both bikes are middlewights, they could not be any more different! I love the XJ6 as a practical load lugger and it was an ideal first "big bike", however, for sheer fun factor the STR knocks it into a cocked hat. I now use the XJ6 if I'm going shopping or running a local errand (as I have GIVI luggage fitted), if I just want to go for a blat then the STR wins everytime.

I arranged a test ride on a second hand Speed Triple and another on a secondhand Street Triple. I fancied the idea of the Speed Triple as I thought I needed a bigger engined bike for easier over-takes, ie a litre bike. The Speed Triple was an awesome machine, big and brutal with massive power and acceleration threatening to pull my arms out of their sockets. I then jumped on the Street Triple ("only" a 675cc machine) and was stunned when it not only had the massive grunt and acceleration of the Speed Triple but was also super light and chuckable with it - no contest, the Street Triple was a supreme hoot and in my mind the much better bike!

The second hand ST3 I rode was orange and a bit too garish for me, it was on the forecourt for £6200 or thereabouts...the salesman told me new Triples could be had for £7999 and I asked if he could source me a black and gold one. Long story short, he couldn't so I went to the web. Really glad I did as for £6,299 I found a brand new ST3R with bellypan, radiator guard and wind shield (which I've since removed) - a steal! I've now had the bike for about a month and ridden her for approx 1500 miles - now fully run-in I can honestly say I don't think I will ever get rid of this bike. It's a hooligan of a machine that can be ridden hard or soft, is really light and nimble and looks and sounds great - especially with the Arrow cans that I have just had fitted.

If you're thinking of buying a Street Triple just do it, you won't regret it - great bike! ....oh and if you're buying new, wait until the end of the Triumph financial year and get yourself a bargain like I did :cheers:


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