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Hein Gericke York Jacket

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Jacket was purchased in Lincoln on 12/07/12 for £199 I was given a £50 trade on on my old jacket.

During a wet summer it did not take me long to realise the waterproofing had gone on my old and much love Shoei jacket a jacket I had owned for 7 years was leaking like sive. i had purchased second hand of ebay for £20 so it didn't owe me a penny.

I spent 2 weeks searching ebay but found myself really reluctant to buy anything with out trying it on first. I ride almost every day come rain or shine so I want a jacket that did the job well. I was told that Hein gericke were doing a trade in so I popped over to have a look, my budget was £100 :roll:

I looked at their cheap range and dismissed it quickly so I threw another £50 in to the bag and looked at the York range.

Its a good fitting jacket, with a zip out thermal lining. it has pockets everywhere and a zip so you can attach it to you trousers. If you are wearing jeans it has a strap that you can unfold from the back and clip to the front to stop you jacket riding up. Its also a quality jacket it just feels better made than some other I looked at.

Its got summer zip vents in the arms, chest and back and they are BRILLIANT, made riding in the summer heat so much better and cooler.

Armour is good, shoulder, arm and basic back protection. They do a better bit of insert back armour but due to HG closing some of its shops its not available.

I recently rode 15 miles in very heavy rain and it did not leak once :lol: its comfortable and I went for a medium as I like a firm fit rather than a loose fit, The guy in the shop said the Large was too big for me it looked and felt too loose.

I got a 2 year HG guarantee with it.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the flap at the front that covers the Zip could do it Velcro holding it shut rather than poppers, other than that its £150 I think well spent.

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