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Triumph Trophy SE 1200

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I took a test ride yesterday on one of these. What a super touring bike. Here are my first impressions.

Its a big heavy lump at over 300kgs but once the wheels are rolling it doesn't feel heavy and you can throw it about in the corners. Handling is wonderful. My test bike had the regular seat set at it's lowest setting but for me that was still too high and I was pretty scared to put my feet down to balance the bike as I could only just get my feet down.

The ride by wire throttle is super light and the least twist of the throttle see's the revs rise. This lightness did have an undesired effect on the cruise control which switched off simply by holding the throttle. Clutch and gearbox were smooth and the shaft drive has none of that awful snatchy play that BMW's have.

The screen is superb, even at "naughty" speeds there is little breeze hitting the rider. This makes for relaxing touring, without all the wind noise and buffeting around.

The SE model comes with heated grips and radio. In the front compartment is a USB connector so you can listen to your own music. Plenty of space in the panniers too and the top box.

Excellent brakes and stopping quickly was no problem. All in all a great bike and superior to the BMW. In fact I liked it so much I've ordered one and pick it up next Saturday. I've ordering the blue one SE model, with Top Box, front fender extender, and Garmin mount and finally the low seat so I can put my feet down

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I have an 02 Trophy, just had it a few months, felt very heavy at first, but once it is moving is very manoeuvrable and feels so balanced and light to ride.

Very comfortable to ride I have back problems so the position suits too.

Hope you enjoy the new bike.

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I ruled out the Trophy 'cos of the weight and the seat height -too tall for me really. I had 2 deauvilles at 250k each then moved onto an FJR at 290 ish and riding is no problem, its moving it around in the garage or car park. That got nicked and now got the BMW rt, back down at 250 kilo and I just feel more comfortable handling it.

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