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Simple brake bleeding kit.

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Bought from eBay for about £4.


A simple tube with a non return valve. Undo the bleed nipple, push on the pipe and then as you pour in the brake fluid to the reservoir pump the brake lever. I have the other end into a plastic jug. The excess fluid can go back into the bottle as all it has done is get pumped through the pipe.

It is so easy for one person to do and I did a brake in a couple of minutes. Just pump till the fluid has no bubbles in it, which if you keep the reservoir topped up is very quick. Brilliant little tool and I find it easier than mucking about trying to use a vacuum pump system to pull the fluid through.

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whats wrong with keeping the end of the pipe submerged in a jamjar full of fluid?

Because sooner or later it'll go *ping!* out of the jar and splash paint death fluid all up your fairing! :-)

That's why I stuff a load of paper towel in the jar to get the pipe wedged in nice and tight.

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