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RST textile jacket (tourmaster?)

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Can't quite remember the name of the jacket! But it cost me £70 from a shop up ipswich. I wanted a textile jacket to keep me dry in the rain and warm on the cold commutes. Aswell as making me a bit more visible on the cold dark mornings of winter. I found this after much searching and for £70 i'm pleased with it. It wont keep me dry in torrential rain but for average showers it does the job. But to fix that problem i just chuck a light raincoat over the top and i'm good to go.

Adjustable straps on the wrist, Forearms and biceps aswell as straps around the waist for tightening it. Zips up the middle with velcro over the top of that. Big pockets on the sides and one pocket inside the middle zip. Comes with armour in the shoulder elbow and forearm aswell as padding on the back.

Looks similar to this Jacket

http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=h ... =0&ndsp=50


Overall very pleased with it and does the trick, WOuld like to upgrade in the future to something more waterproof but untill i have more money to spend on gear this will do nicely!

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I proper love my RST textile trousers, hoping to get a summer jacket of the same make for the summer...and RST kevlar jeans too so they can zip together 8-) (my current textile jeans look shite!) . The women's range is expensive from what I have seen online tho, and men's jackets aren't small enough for moo - hoping to pick up cheaper stuff at BMF in May. :mrgreen: . Will you be going?

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British Motorcycle Federation I think, or foundation. Either way they have a show is Peterborough in May I think and then later in the year. Last year I think they had one in Kelso too. Google BMF show :)

I went for the first time last year and it was basically just loads of shopping stools with a lot selling the same thing for the same price. Did find a few bargains too, will probably return this year too as I'm wanting a new lid and leather jacket.

There were a few club stands and bikes and there were moped races and a stunt show so wasn't too bad but have seen people say it is not as good as it used to be.

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