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Hi. I own a Mini F9 Sport DV camera and I'm having problems with it. I did a 20 min clip and after that when I power it on (blue light comes on and vibrate 3 times) and try to press the button to record another video, the red light won't come on and the video recording won't start. I can tell you that the card is readable and battery is charged and everything seems to be ok.. but the red light won't come on no matter what. Please help ?

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I bought one of these on ebay,but after putting it on the bike and the helmet ,the wind noise is very loud,even if you put some tape over the internal mic hole,it's still spoils an otherwise good camera...you could solder an external mic mini jack to it and have a mic inside your lid which is what i've done to a drift stealth 2 i'm using.. :cheers:

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