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I have just bought a secondhand one of these for my son. We looked all over his bike (YBR125) for a suitable location and ended up mounting it on his lid!

Out of the box it all looks well made and fit for purpose. It has just a small lcd screen on the front and an led for feedback. There is no screen to review your footage. The setup is via a cyclical menu.

You can choose between one shot, three shots, repeated timed interval (2,5,10,30,60 secs)shots, 10 second delay and video.

In video mode there are 3 resolutions (it's the 960). 960p = 1280x960 or 720p = 1280x720 or WVGA 848x480 the fist two shoot at 25fps but WVGA is 50 fps. The FPS rates are for PAL settings (Europe). According to the website, shooting in 720p you will be able to get about 2hrs on an 8GB SD card. On the subject of memory cards, it can take up to a 32GB, we tested using an 8GB class 6 and it was fine.

You can set it up the default mode when you switch on, we chose straight to video. You turn it on and it starts to record, turn it off and it saves before shutdown.

Charging is easy via USB and off a PC or Sky box it can charge to 80% in about 2hrs. From a more powerful wall socket you can reduce the time by up to half,

To delete a saved picture or video you have to go through that cyclical menu system. It will let you delete the most recent or delete all and format the card. Remember there is no review screen, so for piece of mind I used my laptop.

We tested it up to 65-70mph (remember the camera is on a 125!) and it was fine.

The properties once saved to my laptop show that the video was recorded as MP4 in 1280x720 using H.264/AVC codec at 25fps with a bitrate of 8006 kbps. Audio is (mainly wind noise) MPEG-4 AAC Stereo at 48000Hz with a bit rate of 128kbps.

What I like most - you can set it up to record to your presets as soon as you power it up, no fiddling about, no wasted riding time or squinting at a small LCD in bright sunlight.

What I liked least - that cyclical menu, having to go through all the options one at a time rather than there being a few options and a selection of sub-menus. Wish I could turn the mic off as hearing mostly wind noise is a waste of storage space.

Overall, good quality video that looks fine on my laptop and on a 32" TV. The newer versions can shoot at 1080p and at faster frame rates, but most of us will only be sharing on laptops and youtube so consider what you actually need as opposed to the bragging rights ;)

Well i hope that helps


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