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Hey with this being such a common bike and no review for it i thought id share my thoughts on the first few hundred miles

Cost £2400 new

Low down Fuel injected 125cc commuter 4 stroke can handle speeds of about 65/70 but is in its element between 30-50mph can manage 150mpg, a guy on the CBF owners club managed 406 miles on a full tank which is about £12 worth of fuel

What i have liked its surprisingly not too small i am 6ft and theres lots of room, you'll save lots of money using this bike insurance is real cheap and its likely the most fuel efficient bike out there. it goes ok and will reach the national speed limit. parts are very cheap new and used servicing it is very easy in fact most repairs are for it.

What is not so great, Rust though mine is fine its a big problem with them, Tyres at this minute in time Honda only recommend Conti go and TVS, Avoid the TVS tyres as they are incredibly bad in the wet the Conti tyres are not amazing either Honda built the rims to an unusual size meaning little choice. Fuel Pump blockages why Honda has yet to sort this is a mystery that has plagued the bike since its launch all the way to my current 2014 model which its in for now under warranty.

And last but not least these bikes are not built as well as the CBR 125 or the old CG it replaced these are made in india and it shows on them on things like the paintwork of the frame etc.

Overall i have been happy with it and the only problem i have had has been with the dealer rather than the bike, if you go to buy one of these even new check the paintwork as some have been sold with rust already peeping through.

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Ok thought id update this a bit as its now done a few more miles ran in etc.

Ok so first off the fuel pump issue thats so well known my advice is add an inline fuel filter so this blocks rather than the pump, also try using fuel with as little ethanol in as possible as its this which strips the coating from the tanks, I've been using texaco super which contains zero at present.

First thing about the ride of this bike its lovely between 30/50 mph it also accelerates nicely enough which will keep you ahead of the traffic from lights etc it filters through traffic very well too as its fairly slim. its not great on dual carriageways though its like riding a feather the fairings on it seem to catch the wind like no other bike I've ridden there is a larger front screen for the bike which i hear is a worth while investment.

As for the rust issues so far so good it lives outside too and so far no signs of rust though i have used ACF 50 on it after every time its been cleaned etc

Overall for the price I'm happy enough if anything major happens between now and when i sale it then i shall update

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Bought myself a second hand one a few weeks ago for commuting and so far have done 317 miles and haven't needed to fill up yet!

Agree with the other areas - all in all I'm very happy with the purchase.

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I bought mine new from honda rochdale 3 months ago. Have filled up 5 times and done about 2100 miles.

The only thing I've noticed (and that's happened twice now), after riding quite a while suddenly bike starts choking for no good reason. You leave it for few minutes turned off and it runs again. I've checked youtube apparently that's a common thing, when I told about this when I took it to service they had no idea what I'm talking about haha.

Anyway, bike is good and I'd recommend getting one if you're thinking about learning or not really sure which bike to get if you're planning to commute only in city with exceptional ride outs...

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That sounds like the fuel injectors clogging up its a very common problem happened on mine after 300 miles i now have an inline filter on the fuel pump too safe guard the the fuel injection system, these can be swapped out when needed and cost a couple of quid.

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I bought my CBF in January 2014. So far done 2,300 or so miles on it. I normally ride out on a Sunday, sometimes just a few miles, sometimes a couple of hundred.

For what I use it for its ideal. Little country lanes and back roads, where if need be I can almost pick it up and turn it around. I did say almost 8-)

On the couple of times I have taken it out onto fast dual carriageways, it maintains 60 ish on the flat. I try to find a HGV I can sit behind, keeping his mirrors in sight, and dawdle along in his wake!

Reliability has been first class without any of the problems you read about and no sign of the rust issues that have been reported.

Averaging 130 MPG plus and its such an easy bike to ride. Having said that I have come off twice!! Rider error on slippy back roads at slow speed of both occassions so cant blame the bike :wink:

There is a little part of me that wants to do a bit of tour on it before I change up, Scotland calls, and if my finances do not improve before next Spring I might just do it on the little 'un !!

Great little bike which I would recommend from my limited experience of motorbiking.

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