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Force Riders - Kevalr Jeans and Cargo Trousers

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Available on eBay for £30. For anyone near Swindon the seller is based there and allows pick up to save you P&P. I have numerous pairs of these all bought at different times. I'll begin with the jeans





The Good

Only £30

Decent Kevlar coverage

Come with the removable armour pictured above

The 2 older pairs I have are very comfortably cut (generous but not too baggy)

Quality seems to improve. The pairs photo'd range from 18 months to 1 week old and each one is slightly better stiched than the other. Not at the quality level of my Draggin's but a lot better than you would expect for £30. The stitching holds when you slide down the black stuff too, I've tested that!

The Bad

The newer pair pictured is tighter cut personally prefer a looser fit however if you like a Levi's type fit you'll like them.

Fade.... the dye does fade. Now mine get washed ALOT as my wife is an OCD clean freak and I wear these things daily but in the photo of the 3 pairs lined up the middle pair is their blue/black at 18 months old the right hand pair is the same colour at 1 week old.

The hip protectors are crap.

I'd recommend these. I have Draggin and Hornee in the house and yes they are light years ahead in quality however they also cost upward of £100 (I think my draggins were £140)! These do what they claim, look decent enough off the bike, are comfortable and only cost £30, you can't really go wrong at that price.

Ok next is the Cargo trousers from the same seller. Again £30



The Good

Very comfortable, Looser cut than the jeans.

Decent Kevlar coverage (same as in the photo of the jeans)

Same armour as the jeans

Plenty of pockets, reasonably spacious.

Look decent off the bike as well as on.

The Bad

They fade quickly. Had these a bit over a year at the start they look identical to the sales pictures on eBay. After about 4 washes they fade to the pictures above. They do then seem to not fade anymore and the fade is not that bad.

Arse and cargo pockets have Velcro closures... not the firmest closing so don't put anything really heavy in them it may push the Velcro open and escape.

Sizing comes up a little large on the waist.

Conclusion is similar to the jeans. At £30 it's money well spent.

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