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Australian Bikers Gear - Brando Jacket (Cordura version)

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Bought this recently it was about £56. Australian bikers gear/ bikers gear UK sell on eBay, Amazon and have their own website. Also have a shop in Barry (near Cardiff). Got it because I fancied something a bit different that was waterproof but not a full on heavy winter jacket.


The Good

Actually waterproof (unlike many waterproof jackets around this price).

Looks good (subjective I suppose)

Feel like Marlon Brando though nobody has asked me yet what I'm rebelling against so I haven't had the chance to reply "whadda you got"

Removable quilted winter liner. mesh liner under it so good for hot or cold.

CE shoulder and elbow armour, decent back pad, all removable.

Stitching and quality appear solid.

zippable vents

The bad

The buckles on the bottom sides to tighten it are crap. I'm going to just stitch mine in place.

Pockets configuration is a bit odd. The 2 outer lower pockets are fairly small. There is a single inner pocket that is also a little on the small side. For some reason they decided it needed a really long arm pocket. In the photo the arm has 2 zips one is a vent and the lower one is a pretty deep pocket!

Main zip teeth are plastic. They seem sturdy enough but I'm wondering how long they will actually hold out.

Sizing comes up big so think about ordering a size down.

Conclusion on this, I would recommend it if like me you want a textile that's a bit different. Quality in the main seems good and it does a good job of keeping the rain out though that's with heavy summer showers, by design I'm not sure it would do so well on a 6 hour ride round Wales in the wet winter. At £56 you can do a lot worse at that price it's very good value.

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