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AlpineStars Drystar Express

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Bought these back in April at the Swindon Mega Motorcycle Store Birthday Mega sale event. Reduced all the way down too £20. The last 2 photos show the quality... that's all the damage to the right leg of them after sliding down the road at 35-ish in comparison the cheap Tuzo jacket I wore that day resembled a superman cape by the time I scraped myself back up on my feet.




The Good

Really 100% waterproof, I've worn these through some serious rain and stayed dry. The pockets stay bone dry too so no need to waterproof bag anything in them.

Designed to be worn over trousers they are very spacious and comfortable. Side zips go all the way up to make getting them on or off easy.

Easy to undo when you need a pee.. sounds silly but I have had textile trousers that required a degree in advanced engineering and a small team of workmen to gain access when needing the bog. With these you won't be doing the need a pee dance while fumbling round like a mad man.

Removable quilted liner. Very warm liner makes them a year round option. When removed they are fine in hot weather.

Shaped right with a good sized bendy panel at the knee for comfort on the bike.

Come with removable CE Knee armour.

Crash very well... the damage in the photos above was a slide that pretty much disintegrated my jacket.

The Bad

Crap hip armour. The "armour" supplied for the hips (removable) is just some thin foam padding.

Not practical off the bike. Especially with the liner in they are fairly bulky and the cut is designed purely to be comfortable in the saddle. Try walking around in these and you'll find it's hard work. Not a major issue as they are easy to remove and cut to allow trousers underneath.

Concluding.... I bought these just because they were so reduced in a sale you'd be on crack not to buy them. I always thought big brand gear like this was just paying for a logo and possibly slightly better waterproofing. I was wrong and crashing in these has convinced me you genuinely get a better level of protection with the higher end gear. Worth full price but at the £20 I paid I grin every time I put them on! If I was told I had to ride to Mongolia tomorrow these would be what I'd wear. Definitely recommend.

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