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Draggin/Drayko Optix Cargo Trousers (Kevlar)

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Sold under the Drayko name it has some affiliation with Draggin and uses their Kevlar material. High price (£140 RRP) it's aimed at the richer end of the market.

(excuse shaky images I'm on some funky painkillers)




The Good

Build Quality. Well stictched and assembled. Zips and Buttons all well done and feel quality.

The Kevlar. Same as in normal Draggin's much thicker (yet softer to the skin) than cheaper Kevlar jeans

Material of the trousers is pleasantly light but hard wearing.

Kevlar again. Aparently this will slide for 4.4 seconds, apparently the average cheaper pair last 1.8 seconds. I say apparently as these are sales figures I haven't verified. They are allowed to claim they pass CE test EN13595(1).

The Bad

Bloody expensive... you could buy nearly 5 pairs of cheaper force riders jeans for 1 pair of these.

No CE inserts or places to insert them.

Kevlar while good does not have the most generous coverage. Seems they concentrate on saving the bits that will be used for skin grafts to apply to the bits not covered!

Sizing is overly generous.

Back pockets are a little low on the arse

To conclude... Would I recommend these.... I'm not sure on the answer myself. They are very comfortable and the areas with Kevlar use a Kevlar that is instantly and obviously far better than in cheaper jeans. The quality of assembly and parts is top notch. However the sizing is odd, pocket placement a little strange and I feel more Kevlar would have been nice at this price. If the RRP was a fair whack less then I'd scream recommendation from the rooftops however at their current price point it'll have to be a somewhat reserved recommendation, if you are minted buy them if not buy 2 pairs of forceriders at 30 quid each and spend the difference on more petrol.

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