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CBT booked for 13th of august, theory booked on the 7th, almost got all gear apart from helmet and strap on back protector!

I've been eyeballing the AGV Skyline. But pretty clueless when it comes to back protectors. My local motorcycle shop lings Honda recommends d3o technology, any experiences?

Anyways Shortly after my CBT ill be doing my DAS!

Wish me luck!



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Just done the first part myself.

Pretty easy as long as you focus and listen to what the instructor says. Only thing i personally struggled with was the swerve, but we just kept doing that for 30minutes and i had it nailed.

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We never done the swerve. I just passed my theory test first timw 48/50 and 56 on hazard perception. Now straight onto DAS.

Oh congratulations glorian on passing!

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Cheers mate =)

still mod 2 to go =D Booked 3rd september now.

You will do the swerve on your mod 1. it's the last manouver, Just get used to pushing down quickly on the right and back on the left so you just about move out. I missed the cone by about 2 inches haha!

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Well I've now booked in for my DAS. My instructor reckon i need 5 sessions. My module 1 is 2nd of October and my module 2 17th of October. Sooo soo far away :'( I guess it's worth the wait just wish i could do it sooner.

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5 sessions? Blimey that's a lot isn't it?

I did 3 hours the day before and an hour before the test. I have had about 8 months riding though so maybe its different. Still better over prepared than under! Good luck =)

Time will come around reaaaaaal quick mate but i know the agony =D

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I haven't ridden anything heavier than a bicycle in the last 10years. Its quite handy to have those 8 months under your belt. I was expecting the day to be quite easy, but actually found it quite difficult. Luckily im a quick learner but those damb indicators i kept forgetting to cancel haha. It'll come in time! well worth it as the freedom i felt as i accelerated on the single carriage way..... the engine roaring and vibrating under my bottom! Wind hitting the helmet as you went faster..... I can feel the butterflies in my belly writing this...

Extraordinary feeling!

One of the best things I've done!

Good luck to you as well although i don't think you'll need it :-D

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