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Right, so after owning one for a little while now I feel I can write a decent review and even a comparison to the S1000RR.

First off I've got to say this is the best handling bike I've ever owned, the way the chassis is set up and the way the engine drives out of corners gives so much mechanical grip and confidence it's unbeliveable, that's before you even get to the electronics, I've not really noticed them much unless I've put them on a very high setting and deliberatly taken the piss opening the throttle while lent over, but they do work, and work very well, for general,quick road riding though they don't come on very much, the anti wheelie is seperate to the traction control and has 3 settings plus you can turn it off so it doesn't have the irritating up-down-up down pogo effect of the S1000RR system under hard acceleration, I find level 1 works well on the road it will allow a little lift but will very smoothly put it back down while not breaking the acceleration of the bike,I can't really say anything about the Launch Control as I've not used it, it has 3 settings but not wanting to look like a complete tit at the lights revving the bike to 10k I can't say I've tested it out yet.

The Engine is one of the best things about this bike, it pulls in a completely linear way all the way through the rev range, which can feel a bit deceptive at first if you're used to inline 4s, it's also very smooth but revs high like an inline 4 and is much more comparable to one than a V Twin in my opinion- the exhaust note is argueably better than both!!.

It is however a good 15 BHP down on the S1000RR at the top, you don't really notice it unless you're doing top end runs all the time and what it lacks in top end power it makes up for with how useable and driveable the engine is out of corners, I've noticed I'm quicker on it through twisty roads than the S1000RR, that's not to say the S1000RR handles badly, it's a great handling bike which I enjoyed owning very much, they just go about their pace in slightly different ways.

Comfort wise the BMW wins, the RSV4 chucks out more heat and isn't nice at all to ride in London, it also has a heavier clutch and the gearing isn't as good as the BMW for town riding.

Another negative is the thirst, it's noticeably worse than the S1000RR was and any of my previous inline 4s, I will get 80 Miles until the reserve light and another 20 on reserve tops from a 17 litre tank.

Hope this review is helpful.

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