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Well, no more CBT conundrum for me, it's all done and dusted courtesy of CamRider London :D

I had booked in for the end of the month but got a phonecall on Thursday asking if I wanted to take a spot that had opened up due to a cancellation so I jumped at it.

Absolutely brilliant day - if totally knackering - and I'm definitely going back to do my DAS. I'm debating about whether to get a 125 and ride that over the winter and then do DAS in the spring, or go straight to full license now. A bit more experience under my belt for the full course would be a massive help but I ultimately want to ride primarily for weekend leisure rides (sorry! :oops: ) rather than commuting into Soho every day and for that a 125 just isn't going to cut it. Trying to get the little Suzuki VanVan to more than 40mph was enough of a challenge; I don't think I'd want it anywhere near a dual carriageway...

And what a difference a good training centre and proper instructors make. Everything was so much more professional and reassuring and that makes a huge difference when you're doing something like this. So, to the idiot instructor at the other place who said "almost everyone who does CBT on a geared bike fails" :up: Clearly they faily because they're being "taught" (I use the phrase loosely) by total numpties.

Right, time to get celebrating the first milestone. And very likely falling fast asleep by 10!

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Big Congratulations!! :D Have a see when they can fit you in for your DAS. Thing is, I think it'd be ok now to do it weatherwise but it will soon be getting colder, rainier and darker quicker, so might be best to just a get a 125 for the Autumn/winter. Although, I know some schools do put winter deals on their courses as they are not as busy. I booked from from the end of Feb this year and got 10% winter discount (With Camrider) which was a saving of £77 from the course.

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I bought a CBF 125 last October after completing CBT just for extra practice etc

I went out in the evenings when roads were quiet but not when it was raining!

Traded the CBF in when I passed my full test and only lost £400 so that is a good 'hire' cost for 8 months riding when local school hires the 125 at £50 a day!

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