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hey hey anyone about this saturday?

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hi all, new to the forums and wondering whos about for a ride this weekend.

free saturday? fancy a ride out? how about to compton abbas airfield? as there are some nice roads out that way and could stop by buggad bikes, or if anyone else has a better idea in mind then please feel free to suggest :) just wanting to get out and about and see whos around

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Hello mate, i might be free, depends on how long it takes to get my wheels back on the bike and ill be looking to scrub in some new tyres, is compton abbas airfield the one out near shaftesbury??

Getting my tyres fitted at 1pm, so reckon ill be back on the road by 2.30/3 at the latest.

Send me a pm on here would be good for a meet up. :thumb:

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Cheers I'll try and find him, and yes Compton Abbas is that way, not quite as far though. It's only a thought as its a nice ride over there, if it sounds too far out the way then a shorter ride might be better.

looking at the weather it seems like rains coming late afternoon, so a shorter rode might be an idea. Where are you getting your tires Done?

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I'm in Bournemouth, and i know where Compton Abbas airfield is now (Google maps) i used to live in Shaftesbury, there are indeed decent roads out that way.

Getting my tyres fitted at BLD over by the airport, they are fitting them to loose wheels so i gotta get home and fit the wheels back in. Shouldn't take too long but rain looks like its gonna hit right at the time ill be abut finished.

If you pm me your mobile number ill give you a text when im done and we can organise from there.


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