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Mid Week ride outs...

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In a couple or so weeks when work is settled, I will be doing most of my riding during the week often at short ish notice...

I am new forest based and enjoy riding on my own but it is nice to have a partner in crime.

On my list to do/visit:

Various challenge Tag's,

Aces Cafe/ Other bikers haunts,

Any nice twist roads that get recommended :P

These and other places are nice to visit, but on your own are not alway the most social. Although I know some that are occasionally available during the week often I find myself on my own...

Not necessarily a fair weather biker, I nor my bike do not melt in the odd rain shower. Although I do ride for pleasure so am not afraid to call a day off.

If your interested post on this threat (or PM me) and when I am free I (or you can) update this thread when we are on 2 wheels.

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Joeman, I am aware of the Mayflower Park Meet although its one I have not been to.

There are plenty of social nights around here:

Monday: Avon Causeway "street Fighters"?? - have heard it mentioned but not been...

Tuesday: Poole Quay & Bugad Classic Bikes

Wednesday: MSN Minstead, Bittern bike meet & Henstridge Air Field (No Speed limits) Every 4th Wednesday,

Thursday: New Forest Inn Ashurst, Weymouth on the sea front, 2 near salisbury & Mayflower Park Southampton.

Friday: Western Shore Southampton


Sunday: Mudeford Quay every 2nd Sunday of a month and most nice weekends. Bikes at the Bell: Pokesdown 18:00

I have been to a fair few of them (and would even go as far as to say I am known at 1 or 2 LOL)...

Its finding people free on week days that becomes the issue.

Riffmaster noted week days tend to be better for traffic I find...

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