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Midland XTC 400 Action Camera Review

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Midland XTC400 Action Camera bought for £119 but seems to vary from place to place, seen it at £259!

I have posted the below on another thread but thought might be an idea to give it its own thread as might miss it otherwise.

Overall I am pretty pleased with it. I'm yet to really sit down and look at what you can change on the settings though. So far used it on my commute and watched a few videos back. They have been very good, I'll try break down the different features of it.

Mounts (included in standard package) there are two main mounts that are of most use to bikers, one flat mount which I put on top of one of my helmets and then 1 spider sort of mount which sticks out slightly. That I have put on the side of another helmet. They are very secure and had no issues with them sticking. The camera has grooves on it (both sides and bottom) which lock onto the mount and can be bit fiddly to get the camera back off but easier once get used to it.

Build of the camera is very robust, I've dropped it a couple times albeit indoors but no problem with it. Does feel like it will take a bit of a beating.

Wifi- the camera has wifi and can connect to smart phone app "action connect" to get a view of what you are looking at, very useful for lining up on helmet. Once I have done that I usually switch off the wifi as uses more battery apparently. You can take the clips from the cam using the app over wifi or connect the camera to your pc and get them that way.

Mic- the cam has an internal mic and external mic port, I have used both, naturally the internal mic on bike rides is just wind noise. I connected a external mic and put it in my helmet but that was mainly wind noise too, I need to locate the mic in a better location so that's mostly my fault.

The cam comes with a waterproof case which when fitted you can't access the mic port which is annoying but when raining on my commute I doubt I'll do any vlogging anyway. The case does look pretty watertight but yet to test it.

And lastly and most importantly video quality. I would recommend watching the clips back via a laptop/PC as through the app for some reason they look grainy and pretty awful. I was gutted when saw that but when watched on laptop they were the 1080 HD clips advertised and am impressed. It deals with light changes well and has a nice wide angle when recording. I should mention you can turn the lense round so if it's fitted on your helmet wrong way is easy to sort.

Am sure there are things I've missed but will edit this post as remember and will try sort some sample clips out from the camera.

Sample 1


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