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Triumph Mens Endeavour Motorcycle Jacket

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Triumph Mens Endeavour Motorcycle Jacket


After a recommendation on here, I bought this jacket from the Triumph Factory Outlet. The jacket had been discounted from £275 to £99.

The thing arrives in a chuffing big box, this is handy if you have a bored child or frustrated puppy in the house. I had both - the fight was brilliant. The jacket comes with a big fat Triumph coat hanger which I'm betting will earn me a mint on eBay in 20 years time.

You need an industrial coat hanger, this jacket weighs a ton. If I was in marketing I'd be calling it reassuringly heavy. I bought the XXXL as I am reassuringly heavy. This, they told me, was good enough for a 52" chest. It fits a treat with space for a thick jumper or using the adjusters for just a T-shirt.

It's constructed with a removable lining but there's no way this is a summer jacket, not even with the well constructed vents open.This is a coat for chilly, cold and wet times on the bike - and it's proven itself to be damn fine at that recently.

The pockets are the best I've had on a jacket. The foldover top and popper buttons work a treat, there's been no water ingress from rain. The flaps covering the main zip are intelligently designed and work brilliantly at keeping out wind and the wet.

The Triumph branding is minimal and discreet, which is fortunate as I've not owned a Triumph since the 90s. The reflective piping isn't in your face but works adequately if you need that kind of thing.


The back protector - it rides up and requires you to glance at the stars to shove it back down with your lid.

The lining sleeves - the two popper system doesn't hold them steady when taking the jacket off.


It's the best textile jacket I've owned. It's toasty warm and dry which is all I wanted, but it's also really comfy to wear (protector notwithstanding). I'd thoroughly recommend one.

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I also got one of these, my hanger came broken without the actually hanger piece in the top which is annoying. Apart from that the jacket is spot on! I don't get the back protector problem, I got a Medium and it's a snug fit with just enough room for a jumper. The collar can get a bit stuck under my lid if it's in a certain way, that's the only slight issue I've had. I agree though, this is a very good jacket, really warm and has kept me dry in some heavy showers.

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