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SEASON OPENER!!!!! (A.K.A - TOGS VS BEEFY) 22 April Leicestershire

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its not an improvement LOL far from it but great biker bar there.

I can think of a few good places for dinner options thats cheap enough, but then again all I eat in pubs and cafe is traditional breakfast lol we should all bundle into the cafe that does the 666 challenge round the area challenge anyone to a traditional breakfast eat off!!!!!!

6 sausage

6 bacon

6 eggs

6 hash browns

6 toast

6 pancakes

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I just dont like doing it on open forum hence why location not on there, there are also certain people I avoid who may be on here and would never want them to know where I am (family matters). I apologise I am a little out there compared to most.



dinner in loughbourgh... ergh good luck finding a good spot its loughbourgh lol. Go to coalville, queen vic pub


well hopefully those people don't read this thread and find out exactly where you will be on the 22nd April...............


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Even if they do, what would they hope to achieve. The reason I can go is the same reason I cant, i got other family there (ish). Besides none of them have wheels that can keep up with my ninja lol when it plays ball anyway, got a issue with it randomly dying atm.

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Depends on how I feel if I wear badges but my ninja does have badges or will when im bothered to put them on lol. Coalville im sure is ok for those that live there, Im just homesick and mock the whole of leicestershire.

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So since first time going with this group, what is it you actually want to do on this trip? pub run or pubs /cafe/ walk about? may have some suggestions but what is actually happening.


Normally we play a round of golf or go fishing :roll:

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I'm waiting for some panels after a spill, but If my big Z is ready, then I might run up and join you guys, The NTV would do it, but not as much fun! :mrgreen:

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Right I'm going to start looking into hotels


Also any luck with this :)?

Not yet, will let you know when I find something good ^_^


I am awaiting start and finish location then will be looking for a room

Probably a premier inn as they have food and a bar at all of them and they are cheap :lol:

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