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Brought the camera new @ £99 from argos with a butt load of fittings and accessories. I just wanted to have a camera for when im riding nice area's etc which it does the job. The picture quality is great at 1080, have no complaints about the video. The sound is not that great its very quiet in and out of the hard body water proof case. If you are looking for sound as well as good video its not the best. My brother just told me he has the 2.5k it has a mic port to add a mic but also built in with stereo mic. The camera is wifi enabled so you can use remote viewing on phone etc which is handy in some ways but not excellent as you need wifi connection to maintain it obviously.

The mounts with it are great, pretty much every way you could need to fit it to bars, helmet etc. I fit mine to my helmet in less than 3 mins with the bonus ring cables added in the event it falls off which you normally have to buy separately.

The other version the one my brother has got, also has a zoom function, normal and fish eye, mic input and few more. If I had known I would have got a 2.5k not the 2.7 but if its just video you want the 2.7k does the job nicely- will be uploading video some point soon.

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easypix service is useless to deal with as I thought the unit may have been faulty because sound was rubbish even outside the case, 2ft away from a 100w amplifier level to the speaker. Lower your expectations was the main response. Speaks volumes though about customer care and trust in products.

I found my other action cams fast review as not worth lengthy reviews.

Maginon sport. think I got it from Aldi couple months back.

Video - 2.5 / 5

Audio - 3.5/5

Mounts 1/5 (not too sticky, limited ability virtually one mount)

Waterproof - yes

No mic in but it picks up a voice easily from helmet mounting.

Kitvision Edge - dont, just dont. Not worth the plastic its made from in video or audio quality. I got it free and still wanted to give it back.

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