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Ive purchased a full set of this stuff, it can be found on ebay easaily, im not linking as per forum rules

the jackets and trousers are £39.99 and the gloves are £12.99 as a starter set on a budget they seem great


*features, armour pads in key areas, shoulders and knees, backplate and arms they have reflective stripes and come in various colours.

*have a removal underlay that can be washed


*price is good

*very nice and comfy in cold weather

*have survived a small low speed crash with no damage so i think the textile strength is good

*jacket can zip into the trousers to help keep water out and everything can be tigthed via velcro+ties.

*high viz stripes built into the kit


*not a well known brand i dont think

*very warm even with underlay removed i would'nt fancy a long ride in high heat in them

*gloves are very thick, and make throttle control feel a bit akward but nothing major

limited style+colour options

my experiences:

Have been wearing this set for a month now, still fine no stitching coming off or anything lol, have had a low speed crash in it (30mph) survived the impact no problems, no rips or tears not even a scuff just mucky and washed right out. will update in future if they dont last long.

Have rode in pretty heavy rain for 30 mins in this stuff and stayed stone dry its very comfortable and heavy padded so feels the business as well.

as a starter set i think its worth the money full set for 82 quid how long it will last time will tell as its not a big brand however i recognise the company who helps make it , 3m who supply my work place with velcro strips funny enough lol

just adding my experiences in case any new people spotted this stuff on ebay and wonderd what its like :).

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