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OK recently purchased my very first high end textile jacket, wanted something good to use for my planned long haul trip for next year, I did a lot of research and opted for the Rukka, after nearly killing myself with overtime to afford it. The first thing that struck me when it arrived was the weight of the coat, feels like a suit of armour, very well put together, with triple stitching and armourcor panels in all the right places, the D30 armour in the shoulders and forearms is massive, covering a substantial area, back protector and removable chest protector also included, it all may sound very unyielding but in actual fact its very comfortable to wear, the armour is very unobtrusive, my one gripe would be that the armour is only level 1, I would have expected, bearing in mind the price, level 2 armour as standard, that said level 2 armour is actually designed for racing and level 1 will easily offer up enough protection for my commuting / touring purposes, not that I really want to test it out anyway, I wore it today for the first time in the rain, and it really was a heavy downpour, my top half stayed perfectly dry and I found the jacket to be nice and warm, even without the thermal liner in.

As for sizing, my chest size is 44.5" I went a size up and ordered the XL, this fits perfectly, the jacket comes with a separate, down filled coat, this liner packs into its own stuff bag, it states that you can wear this as a separate coat if you wish, I personally think it would be a little bit to short for most people though, it doesn't zip into the the main jacket and this suits me fine, I hate those fiddly, awkward zippers and attachments for some of the removable linings.

All in all I'm very impressed with this coat and would definitely recommend it to the commuter / tourer, six year extended warranty through Tranam, expensive yes, but you get what you pay for, when I look at how much I've shelled out on other coats over the years I'm sorry I didn't go for something like this sooner, would have saved myself a lot of money, I'm hoping to get many years of service from this jacket

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Hi bought this jacket and matching Rukka Nivala trousers a couple of weeks ago and agree with above. It is a fantastic piece of kit at a fantastic price but you really do get what you pay for when it comes to motorcycle clothing.

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