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2006> APRILIA RX 50 / SX 50

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Italian styling

Reliable engine

Frugal mpg


Genuine spare parts availability, and shipping times from Italy

Exorbitant genuine spare parts profit margin

Flimsy fairing panel mounting lugs

SX 50 chain guard rubs off tyre wall

Wafer-thin, hard seat

Weak side stand springs

No side stand retaining hangar

Side stand bracket location interferes with left heel

Side stand bracket interferes with frame rail stands and lifts

Short frame length, cramped ride position

Kick start lever / pillion footrest clearance issue

Pillion footrest mounts not removable

Front footrests not wide enough

Footrest mounts not removable, not replaceable

No frame protectors to prevent ankles rubbing paint off

Handlebar mounts not removable, not rubber-mounted either.

Not luggage-friendly

2006-2009 headlight straps fray easily

Tall indicator switch, difficult to reach with thumb

Slow action throttle tube

Plastic radiator grille

2006-2009 SX 50 front mudguard too short

AJP Brake / clutch lever plastic bushings wear out fast

1-piece clutch cover

1-piece front sprocket guard

No battery box lid

No ignition cover gasket

Unreliable ignition stator

Unreliable digital speedometer

Loom wiring for speedometer made from cheese

Banana-skin rear brake pedal tip needs knurling

Microscopic fuel tank filler hole

Non-transparent fuel tank

Lockable tank cap is better than a lockable tank cap cover

Unreliable auto vacuum fuel tap

Fuel tap location on wrong side of the tank

Sensitive Dell'Orto carburetor

Left-mounted exhaust blocks access to carburetor

Airbox filter access requires removing RH side fairings

Cylinder head thermostat seizes shut. Common failure. Needs removing

No vibration-damping counterbalance gear, unlike the RS 50 / RS4 50

Fragile engine mounting lugs

Short suspension travel compared to bigger bikes

Basic push-rod suspension, soft spring rates, harsh ride, twitchy handling

Offset fork yokes exacerbate twitchy handling

No rubber fork gaiters / seal protectors

Non-adjustable rear shock absorber preload

2006-2010 models featured microscopic rear hub bearings

2006-2012 models featured insufficient 180mm rear brake disc

2013> SX models feature mag wheels with tubeless tyres

Crushed another dream. So which one is best?

The RX 50's larger wheels offer better ride comfort over potholes, and slower, less twitchy steering. If you like off-road adventuring, you'll be stood on the footrests often. So less butt-hurt from the plank of wood seat.

Would I recommend owning one?


Many expensive design flaws. Not everything is fixable with aftermarket parts, or MacGyver bodges. You'll spend months waiting for OEM parts from overseas countries. Very unwise choice when it's your only mode of transport.


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