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Hello, I am the owner of a product SENA (the SC1 Advanced for Schuberth). I discovered, after purchase, that products SENA offering the RADIO did not allow to have the vocal instructions of the telephone by Bluetooth resulting from GPS application or other. So, if the radio of the intercom is swithed on, you cannot have of road guide, informations of safety or informations resulting from your telephone by this way. The instructions are completely inaudible.

Thus SENA prioritized the radio with regard to the information of safety for the motorcyclist. In 100 additional euros to have this radio feature, I do not especially recommend you this product. You cannot use it when you would want to use the GPS guide from your smartphone.

You can note that others brands like N COM for example of whom I was the owner provide you perfectly a prioritization of the instructions from the telephone compared with the RADIO. The Radio cuts itself when the GPS application from your telephone guides you.

I asked SENA to plan an evolution and shall hold you informed if it was the case. In the meantime, if buy you SENA, make it with full knowledge of the facts !

Do you think is it normal SENA had prioritized Radio over Security informations ?

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[mention]cyberfantome[/mention] The radio is low on the priority list so it should be interrupted by mobile phones or sat navs paired as the second phone.

The SC1 operates in the following order of priority:


Mobile phone


Music sharing by Bluetooth stereo music

FM Radio

Bluetooth stereo music


A lower priority function is always interrupted by a higher priority

function. For example, stereo music is interrupted by intercom call, and

an intercom conversation is interrupted by an incoming mobile phone


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It's what I thought at the first time and It was the answer of the help desk by mail (in france and US !!) the first time .... But not when they finally understood me.

I assure you that it does not work that Way. The informations provided by the phone are not prioritized over the radio. It works only when it's a phone Call !!! Your GPS Application is not considered like a Phone call.

And you are probably right when you paired a sat nav ... It probably works ... But as a lot of Bikers I use only my phone to indicate me the directions and Safty informations. I use WAZE ... I'm not going to buy a sat nav and all the stuff you have to buy to put it on your bike because SENA had not thought the good way.

My N COM worked fine when I had my nolan ...

That means SENA had prioritized Radio over safety informations !

And It is all the SENA products Work like that becaus I had severals feed back who told me that is the same for the sena 10S ...

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The Sena 20S Evo has a setting that you can turn on and off to overcome this problem, have you got the latest firmware?


The firmware of the SC1 advanced is still in 1.0 so Yes I have the latest Firmware. I asked the Help desk to solve this Issue. For the moment nothing.


The Sena 20S Evo has a setting that you can turn on and off to overcome this problem, have you got the latest firmware?


Could you Explain How ? What would be the button to turn off or On and what's the result ?


I wouldn't class sat nav information as Safety notices ..


IF you speak about Sat nav like Garmin or tom tom ... I'm not 100% aggree with you. This devices for some products provide Traffic jam informations ... That can avoid you accident.

And 100% disagree if you speak about WAZE or coyote applications ... You're informed when you have in front of you as riding : Accident, traffic jam, dangerous road, Goods on the road, strong rain, scratchpad unit... and more !!

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The Sena 20S and 20S Evo have an app and one of the settings on the app give you the option to turn on or off Navigation app support.

this should explain it




I'm not sure this answer totally the SC1 advanced issue I have.

I Mean It would be no issue if I would listen GPS information from a garmin for exemple because The Garmin have a superior priority than the SENA radio FM ... But I'm not going to buy a GPS device. I use my mobile Phone and WAZE.

I have no issue if I listen Waze and the radio from my mobile phone. (not the radio FM of the SC1) it works. Not very well but it works. I tried. The only difficulty is to have the good volume for the radio and the good volume for Waze from the mobile phone. You can become crazy before you get the good adjustment. If you have a appointment At 12H ...You have to begin the adjustement at 9h :lol:

By the way I spent 100 euros to have the RADIO FM from the SC1 So using my mobile phone for this feature make me feel a fool :crybaby:

The SENA help desk suggest me to use google maps from my mobile instead Waze. There is a adjustement normally resolve the issue in the maps application. But I'm sorry, I paid 299 euros for a brand who only resolve their issue thanks to others brands ... :booty: And Maps is not as ggod as Waze for oral safety informations by the way.

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I contacted SENA'S CEO, Tae Kim, He indicated me knowing the problem and this problem is the same is met during the use of the radio in the car and the use of GPS application via smartphone bluetooth ... the information of the smartphone does not pass if we keep listening to the radio of the Automobile. It is the same principle with products SENA ....

He gave me a solution possible but only accessible to the people using Waze or MAPS under Ios (Apple). It is enough to mark in the options of the applications the fact of passing on the information as a phone call and it has to work. I was not able to test because unfortunately, it does not work under android ....

He asked Mr Woodyard, his person in charge R&D to find a solutionon android and keep me in touch. I will inform you.

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Try downloading BT Mono from the Play store. I've got a Huawi P8 lite and was having the same sort of issues re phone/GPS app/music etc. Worked for me....It's free or you can go for the Pro version (only about £1 so no great deal if it don't work.

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