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2016 Limited Edition - purchased in Jan 2018 from Cubo Moto £5700.00

Good points

Very nimble

Very light to throw about

Plenty of poke in the twisties and more than enough in general really for the roads around me

Grips extremely well even when banked over and hitting uneven roads

High quality in the build and very solid, no rattling of fairings or parts

Comfortable riding position for all day jaunts and the seat isn't that bad for around 4 hours

Very pretty and unique on the roads (people always come over to ask what it is)

Sounds fantastic with the Pipewerx cans on, I actually put the baffles back in as it gave a much deeper note rather than bonkers loud

3 throttle modes actually work, rain is fantastic for the winter but the rest of the time I leave it in Touring as sport is a little over sensitive for country lanes

Bad points

Tiny and I mean a tiny fuel tank - give it some consistent hard riding and my light comes on at 70 miles, maximum I have seen is about 90 with cruising

Fag packet only space under the seat

Seat is a pain to put back on

Bum gets very warm from the high cans when around town

Cannot turn off ABS so no rear locking for corners

Would I get another

I bought this bike blind after I fell out of love with my CBR and being rattled to death on the roads around here. My friend bought the 1200 and I was doing my due diligence for him and looking at reviews and forums, all seemed positive and then he emailed me a link to this bike and I fell in love right away, rang up Cubo the next day and whilst picking his up in Leicester we then carried on and lobbed this in the back as well.

Fantastic bike for a mid capacity, its not as brutal as the KTM 950SM I had and you don't have to be as rough with throwing it around. But when you do reach the limit and it all gets out of shape its not a tense up and pray feeling, you just let it have its wobble, find its grip, laugh and then carry on. I ride mine like a motox bike and that's when it feels most comfortable, I get grief from friends for swinging my leg out but for me its all part of the fun factor of this bike. I always smile when getting on it and starting the engine, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the note and the scenery and when you want to get your head down, slide forward and grind out the pegs.

It really is an underrated and over looked machine, I rode the 1200 and that is an animal in comparison, it wants you to wallop it all the time, blink and you're at a corner, blink next corner, its addictive but eventually your luck and skill will run out and so the 750 keeps that feeling in check giving you enough fun but not at a ridiculous speed.

It is a back roads bike and if ridden well I doubt much will touch it!




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