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Bikes with indicators left on.

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I think that I am going to change my wingmirrors for something like this CLICK  I always have to move my elbows to see in my mirrors anyway so hopefully I can get a pair with a longer stem than my Deauville ones.

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30 minutes ago, learningtofly said:

I miss having self-cancelling indicators, actually. It was never an issue on the R9T, but for some reason I forget to turn them off on the Thruxton. No idea why.

I have no issues on my TDM how ever the trophy...  

then the trophy warning lights are small.

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40 minutes ago, Slowlycatchymonkey said:

Good name. I think would miss the solidity and the agricultural feel. 
Tell me about the lovely looking Thruxton. 

they were a good band too :classic_biggrin:

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14 hours ago, Slowlycatchymonkey said:

Whoosh as it went over my head. 

Nevermind Google’s here to babysit. 



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