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YBR 125 (Moved from Newbies)

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Hello folks,

Just joined to try and get an issue resolved on my wife's 2010 injected YBR 125,I've searched all over but never seem to get the final solution.

The bikes a Ybr custom and as soon as we get a bit of warm weather or the sun blinks at it ,,,,the f*^%in fuel pump shuts off,I've contemplated changing it as there only a few quid,but there are some people saying that they did it to theirs and it didn't works,so before i go down the knuckle scathing episode of changing it was hoping to get a better opinion>She's going for her Mod 1 soon and sh'e s a bit nervous about going out on her own for practice (And no she's not riding at night)

So i was hoping some of you kind folk could enlighten me on which avenue to approach



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Sounds like vacuum in the fuel tank? When it does it, undo the fuel cap and put it back on. You should hear air rushing in the tank. If the bike starts back up, you know where the problem is.

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I had a similar issue with my 2014 Honda CBF125. I know nothing about bikes but from googling, it says it could be the fuel pump. Dose the throttle lose rev and it stalls on a warm day? It only started happening when I'm slow in traffic or at a stop and trying to start up again.

Another thing I read was that if you've changed the exhaust, get it tuned because sometimes it pumps too much air into the engine and it's most felt if it's a warm day.

I took my bike to a local garage but they said there's absolutely nothing wrong with the bike or the fuel pump. No pressure in the fuel tank because there's no hissing when I open it either. I put it down to overheating + fuel pump issue.

This is the closet article I found that resembles my issue:


Hope this helps! Let me know if you got it fixed because I'm interested and worried about my bike too!

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