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2007 Honda CBR1000RR

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I bought my 2007 CBR1000RR in April 2015 and I paid £5500 from a Honda dealer in Abingdon. I'm afraid that this isn't a very objective review as I absolutely love this bike. That said...

I'm not a naturally fast or brave rider, I like bikes to be predictable and I like them to do what I tell them to do. If they do that I really love riding them and this is what this bike is like. It's possibly not for someone who likes 'character' however that may manifest itself. That said I'm not a novice rider and have had a fair few bikes and this is my second fireblade... my previous was a 2001 RRY which I loved to bits and rode all year round. I don't ride this all year round as I can't really be bothered getting cold and wet and I'm less comfortable on this sort of bike as I used to be as I recently crossed over the 50 barrier.

As a bike that you can get quicker on in increments this is the best thing I've ever ridden. Even when it does move about it doesn't do it in a really scary way. Again, I guess some people might find that boring but I love it. It's never done anything weird like shaking its head or anything untoward like that. I don't know how to wheelie so can't comment about how well it does that but at cadwell when the front left the ground all I can say is that it sorted itself out while I held my breath.

It's pretty comfortable, I'm 6ft 1in and have ridden it for hours on end whereas other bikes in the same class have me in cramps after minutes.

It's been extremely reliable, just requiring tyres and servicing. The gearchange was a little sloppy but I fitted a Gilles gear shaft support bearing and that sorted that out completely. I don't know what the fuel consumption is like but I get about 120 miles to a tank I think. It never uses any oil or anything like that. It's not that easy to service like any bike with full fairings but it's not that bad I guess.

It's got no abs or traction control or anything like that and while I do like those systems I don't miss them on this. Low speed handling is much better than you imagine... I got to the edge of the tyres on an IAM low speed handling course in 1st gear. Having said that, turning on full lock still requires a little space I guess.

I used to run Bridgestone Evo T30s on it which were great on the road and pretty good on track (I'm in the novice groups). However, I did a day at Bedford and they moved about more than I liked so swapped them for Bridgestone S22s and these are amazing.

This is what it looked like when I got it...


I used to just run it on the road but wanted to start doing track days and felt that this bike would be good to do it on. I did a couple of days at Bedford and absolutely loved it...


It's absolutely incredible on track. Again, very predictable, just what you need when you don't know what you're doing. I found that I couldn't get full throttle very easily as I don't have full movement in my right wrist. I fitted a quick throttle which made things a lot better and thanks to the smoothness of the bike and engine was easy to get used to.

I did start to get worried that I might crash it and that the Honda bodywork would be expensive so I ordered some cheap bodywork from China to fit. It went on extremely easily and only cost £250 including delivery. I really like the look and have the original bodywork safely tucked away in the loft.



I did 4 track days on it last year, 2 at Bedford, 1 at Pembrey and 1 at Cadwell. I also did a training day at Thruxton. Can't wait until the sun comes out and will do more track days this year.

I'd be gutted if I broke it and would get another without any hesitation.



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