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I've had the Olfi camera for a couple of months now. Bought from J&S Delamere just round the corner from us. I comes with a variety of mounts but uses GoPro fittings so there's loads available. Nice touch is that the box includes a decent mini SD card. The box also contains a waterproof case and there is an optional case with a port for a power supply if you want to run it off the bike's 12v supply. It came with three batteries, each lasting about an hour and a separate charger which holds two batteries.




Video quality seems to be good, I bought a clamp mount for the handlebars which switches between both bikes easily and holds the camera in a good postion. The anti vibration software works well most of the time which considering it's on a clamp that does vibrate a lot is pretty impressive. At high rpm the mount does overwhelm the image slightly but that's an issue with the mount really.




The Youtube quality is much less than I get with the camera connected to my pc - but our broadband very slow due to living in a rural area so that's probably why it's so bad.

The quality is good, they don't do a lot of the fancy stuff other action cameras go in for, the focus seems to be on build quality and ease of use. If you break it within the first year they'll replace it for free.

£149.99 from J&S

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Files are saved as mp4 on my pc and I'm not sure how to include those here,


Best off uploading to YouTube :thumb:



Then copy the link into your post.

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our broadband very slow due to living in a rural area so that's probably why it's so bad.



Well I live in a very rural location...




Damn the EU and their grants to deliver superfast fibre optic to rural areas! :lol:

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