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2020 Speed Triple RS

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Took one of these for a spin before the lockdown







Price as Spec £13,600 OTR:

Speed Triple 1050 RS in Matte Black/Yellow decal scheme.

148BHP 10500RPM

86ft/lb torque 7150RPM

Ohlins 43 mm NIX30 Forks with adjustable preload, rebound and compression damping

Öhlins TTX36 twin tube monoshock with preload, rebound and compression damping

Brembo monoblocs of some description, not sure of spec.

Full Stainless Arrow system

5 inch full colour TFT

6 axis electronics with anti wheelie/Abs/traction, crusie control possibly slide and engine brake control exists but didn't get to try them on a road test tbh! The blipper/quickshifter was out of action, apparently there was a recall and this bike had it deactivated :( There are 5 modes selectable, the usual wet/road/race and i think wither two custom settings or 5+2 (if that makes sense).

Right on with my experience.

I'm a touch over 6ft, weigh 17st in my gear, but I have a short inside leg of 31''. This isn't much of an issue in general, I can always put at least one foot down on pretty much any bike bar a motor-x bike. This STRS i can pretty much plant both feet on the ground and there's not much of a stretch to the bars, everything is very 'upright' as you'd expect really. However, it is very stubby and despite the short reach, it does still feel very tiny front to back.It does suffer the older bike's poor turning circle but this doesn't matter a bit unless you do a lot of very tight town work/filtering. 90% of the time, not a problem. The turning circle doesn't come into play on any a/b roads or even 90 sharp turns or dual carriageway width 180 turns. you'll struggle to U- turn it on a back street is probably what I'm trying to say! :lol:

Onto the riding, one thing to top everything else: This bike has the Crispest throttle I have ever experienced. This bike really is a joy in pretty much any rider mode or situation, be it off the line, sharp corner exits, short shifting, flat out - I couldn't get it to stumble at all, it is sensational. That goes for the overall handling too, fast flowing roads, sharper/more technical slower bends, even flip/flop quick left/right/left etc. Yeah, serious fun, despite the bike having a reasonably heavy feel at first. I don't recall any niggle during my test really, and I was out for a full hour. The engine has lots of punch and spins/revs up quickly which is surprising given the torque - definitely not a lazy machine. A perfect road engine but the sound I found a touch disappointing, I think I just like the V4/Ducati V twin sound too much. Maybe a different system would help?

The suspension is utterly beautiful, very predictable trailing the front into a turn and no squat or wiggle on the gas either. It's up there with the best manual suspension definitely, I am rather heavy and even though the sag/preload could do with more refining, it really wasn't much of an issue. i'm confident at even my weight it could be setup near perfect.

No problem with the gearbox, a very nice unit and similar in feel to my K6 which is a compliment, honest. No dodgy neutrals, went into gear every time. Shame about no blip/QS available to me at the time.

The TFT dash is really nice, has a fuel gauge plus most information like temperatures etc, trip computer stuff too. Switches and buttons are both logical and easy to use. Not sure about phone connectivity.

It wasn't a particularity warm or cool day, sunny and around 10C. The underseat exhausts didn't give me sweaty bottom, no idea what it'll be like in summer. After the hour was up, I had zero comfort issues which is very impressive. My GSXR1000 k6 isn't too bad but I do get achy knee/wrists by that time normally.


Well, it's almost too refined and nice! I do prefer a bike with a bit more raw character, if only it had the mechanical/brutal sound of a Ducati monster 1200 or a bit of the chassis movement of the KTM1290. I did try to dial it down a touch with the electronics but it still handles very predictably.

No idea about luggage/touring options, fuel consumption, servicing/running costs (although RRP is around £13k which is a steal these days) or pillion practicality. didn't track it but I'm sure it would be very well suited to it. Track use may show up a lack of power compared to the other naked machines, it's really not an issue on the road.

Would I buy one?.

Maybe. Despite it being a touch ‘nice’ it is an extremely good overall package. I'd have it over most bar maybe the Tuono V4 and the Monster 1200. The monster isn't quite as dynamic but I just love that sound of the V-Twin and hence I'd forgive a few minor shortcomings it has to the STRS.

Superduke? Not sure about the 2020 new (ugly) one, I think I'd rather have a 2017-2019 Model over this. 2016 and under, nope.

I don't think a Tuono is really worth the extra money over this bike either. But I'd prefer it because I'm daft and like noise.

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I’ve got an 2015 S

Is it worth trading in for?


Probably not, as I bet the differences are quite small. I've only ridden an early model ST1050 besides this, around an 07 plate.

That model I would trade, as the 2020 is a big improvement, but between this and yours......honestly that'd be worth a test ride (for you).

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